QotD: You’d Better Recognize!

What talent do you have that you wish more people would recognize?


Is just being a bad-ass biznitch a talent?  Cuz, fo' real, ya'll betta recognize!

Talent I should recognize?  Being a good mommy and fiance.

Talent others should recognize? When I can focus long enough, I'm a pretty good writer. (I know, can't tell from my blog. :-P)

I'm a hella good bartender.  I don't 'flair' and throw bottles and crap, but if you're the fourth deep in the bar, you better believe you're getting your drink on in the shortest amount of time possible.  Don't wanna taste your booze?  Got ya covered.  Think I'm watering down your drink?  After I bitch slap you I'll let you know that if you wanna go toe to toe with me, stop dancing and sweating it out faster than I can put it in and stand here with me.  Then we'll see who's watered down. (Damn you Miami and your big boob to bartend requirement!)

Um, damn near professional smart-ass.

Oooh, yeah, and I'm a decent circus freak too.  Not as bendy as I should be, but hey, gotta leave something to work on.

This is fun!

How about thinking for other people?  I've become pretty good at that in the last <ahem> two years.

Did I go this long without discussing my, oh nevermind, that's just too obvious for the question posed.

Damn, I'm also a professional procrastinator.  Get back to it, woman!

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