The Lieday Frist

No, none of that is misspelled.  I thought I would try to have a weekly list of my typical silly meaningless-ness.  Stuff that's happened and such.  So here we go:

  • All systems are a go, or at least they're moving forward, for the soon-to-be business.  The remainder of the demo baskets should arrive today (in the rain).
  • Garen thinks I can sing.  (Not a realization from this week, but I'm listening to him now.)
  • Staph is running rampant in Miami-Dade county schools.
  • One Miami-Dade teacher went a little off the deep end this week.
  • One Miami-Dade TV reporter followed the teacher off the deep end.
  • The more I try, the less I understand politics.
  • $40 to fill the tank?!?!  Geez.  Thank goodness it's a Honda and won't need gas for another 2 weeks.
  • I hate shoes.
  • I'm not your whipping bitch.
  • I'm slightly concerned about attempting NaNoWriMo.
  • I need to drink more water.
  • I once again have motivation to work out.  SnowBird Witner Aerial Arts Festival is coming up in January. I'm all in for the Beginning/Intermediate Rope as well as the Beginning Fabric classes.  Game on.
  • There is a flying, screaming monkey at my desk.
  • My heart goes out to everyone affected by the fires in Cali this week.
  • Ludacris is handing out snow globes at the mall on Monday.  I just find that odd.  Movie promotion or not.  He's hot.
  • My mood is directly proportional to the amount of music I listen to in a day.
  • I'm shooting for doing some freelance work be it web design, writing, what have you.  Picked up a small gig already.  Baby steps.
  • I'm tempted to play Karma Chameleon extremely loudly in the office right now.
  • Fights suck but making up is pretty cool.
  • The older I get, the more vain I get.  I used to look at myself in the mirror and wonder how to fix things.  Now I look in the mirror and I think know that I'm a fantastic looking woman and if I happen to put on some makeup, shiiiiiiiiiiit!
  • I miss my friends.

That's all for now kids.  Have a FanFreakingTastic Friday!!  HEP!

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  1. ludacris is handing out SNOW GLOBES? that's very odd… dude, one of the funniest SNLs was the episode he was hosting… i really like him as an actor. i know. it sounds weird. hehe. but i do!congrats on the freelance. :)also, play karma chameleon really loud. just do it. it's friday. what the hell. hehe 🙂

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