First, there were Heineken products in a bottle.  Then, strictly for me, I believe, they put Heineken Light in the slim cans.  I love those!!  Great for little hands. 


Then I saw the ultimate.  The motherlode.  Mini kegs.  Alas, I only saw them with regular Henineken (which I don't care for).  Right away, on July 14 to be precise, I sent them an email to see when the Light would go to kegs.  Here's the response:



Dear Me:

Thank you for your recent email message. We appreciate you taking time to contact us regarding our company and our products. Unfortunately, at this time there are no immediate plans to have Heineken Premium Light available in 5L kegs.

Thank you for your patronage and we hope you will continue to enjoy Heineken Premium Light.

Kind Regards,

Heineken USA

Awww shucks.  That response was on July 16th by the way.  I was crushed.  Heartbroken even.  That is, until yesterday at the grocery store when there it stood, in all its glory.  The Heineken Light keg can. 

 I will forgive Heineken their little white lie to me since they put such sudsy goodness in the vessel which I desired.  Now, if ConAgra would just get on the ball and get Honey Roasted Peter Pan back on the shelves, all would be perfect in my world.

Happy Monday, y'all.


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0 thoughts on “Bevolution

  1. i used to have a friend who worked at conagra. hehe… he still might, actually… i just haven't been in touch with him…how cool that they sent a personal response to you, though. even if linda didn't know wth she was talking about. hehe 😛

  2. @ Robo: best beer ever (for me anyways)…maybe I'll blog about all the crappy beers I've tried.
    @ grrrace: I hope he survived the last scare. Yeah, Linda's clueless, but I'm just happy to have my suds.

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