QotD: Have, Need, Want

What do you have, what do you need and what do you want?
Submitted by Miss Scotch.


A beautiful, healthy daughter, loving and understanding boyfriend, crazy brother, supa-fly mom, wonderful extended family, car, job, roof over my head, great business ideas, resources to make them work, priceless life experiences, passport stamp from Africa (Tunisia), hip hop abs, a smart mouth, teeth without cavities, bones never broken, three tattoos, at one point or another six piercings, love of the outdoors, a special relationship with animals, fear of deep water, hatred of flying, need for speed, few regrets


Food, water, air, love


January to roll around faster, house renovations to be done, move to Nevada, more time between work and bedtime, visit Canada, a better school district, a raise for Lovey, to get a book or short story published, to never look back and say I wish I would have, to go out on the boat more often, to make a mark in the world, a good friend or two (within a reasonable drive)

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