5 Word Challenge – Cliche

CAUTION:  Adult Content!  It’s downright dirty.  You’ve been warned.

For the ninth day in a row, the mercury has topped 100.  It's damn near unbearable.  I'm sticking to myself and the sheets are sticking to me.  Fucking satin.

As I lay here in bed, I contemplate what to do today.  Actually, I contemplate whether or not to even get out of bed.  You can't put a price on comfort and that's why no expense was spared in decorating my sanctuary.  I love to roll myself into a ball and surround myself in baby-bottom soft sheets and my down comforter.  They keep me warm against the icy blasts of the air conditioner, but that's working overtime and still not doing its job.

I throw the sheets and comforter off to the side and let the chilled air from the AC wash over me.  The air's cold hands trace their way up my legs, giving me goosebumps.  They continue their journey to my unprotected inner thighs where they seem to linger a moment before plunging into the depth of me.  A slight squeal escapes from me as I take in this new and wonderful sensation, so strange and yet so familiar.  Almost as if not to make me too happy, cold fingers make their way up my flat tummy to my naked breasts.  The cool touch caresses my nipples and the girls come to attention, aching, yearning for more.  And they said a boob job would be a bad idea.  Fools.  Fully enveloped in the cold air, I lie still until I can stand the cold no more.

My mind forces my body into an upright position and my feet find the marble of the floor.  The floor – the one thing the AC has managed to keep freezing cold.  The shock of that cold slab on my feet sends me sprinting to the bathroom and the welcoming warmth of the shower.  I resist the temptation to stay in the shower until I turn myself into a prune, but only because I know how hot it is outside and I don't need that feeling in the house.  I stay in just long enough to wash, with a little extra time spent on the naughty bits, rinse and hop out.

I've decided that today will be good for nothing more than lounging by the pool, so after drying off, I slink into my favorite iridescent blue bikini, gather up my pool supplies and head downstairs.  It's a weekday, so I'm not expecting much company in the pool area.  Oddly enough, it could be packed full of people and still be church quiet (not southern Baptist church of course) since no one here talks to anyone else.  I've lived in this building for almost two years and I still don't know anyone.

Upon arrival to the pool, I start scoping out the best area.  Away a little from the pool and certainly away from anyone else but in a position to see if anyone of interest arrives.  My typical perfect spot is available so I scoop it up and arrange my shit.  It's amazing that I don't need a wheelbarrow to get my crap up and down the elevators.  WIth everything perfectly arranged, I'm ready to relax because getting out of bed and showering have really taken it out of me.  I grab a bottle of water out of my mini-cooler and my trashy novel of the day and finally, I'm ready to get into doing nothing.

While my mind and my eyes are deeply engrossed in the garbage that I'm reading, my sixth and seventh senses (spidey and pussy) start to tingle.  My nose picks up the faint scent of a damned good smelling man.  Concentration on the book is slowly slipping away as a shadow slowly falls over me.  I look up and I have to blink several times because either my vision is hazy or standing before me is the most perfect male specimen I've seen to date.  Of medium height, shaved bald, mustache, goatee, and he's just flashed me the most brilliant smile that damn near made me shiver.  I've never seen this man before, but I hope to myself that I get to see a lot more of him.

In the moments that pass, we don't speak.  He stands, I lay, and we just look at each other.  Taking each other in.  Playing cat and mouse.  Seeing who goes first.  The silence stretches on for an eternity and the tension between us grows exponentially by the moment.  His eyes are on me like hot hands and more than anything, I suddenly want to strip this man down and do to him every nasty thing I can think of.  But I don't.  I sit, calmly awaiting something from him.

Finally, I win.  He extends his hand to me, not in greeting, but as an assist to remove me from my comfortable position.  Curiosity gets the best of me and I place my hand in his.  He helps me up from my chair but doesn't release my hand.  Instead, he takes the opportunity to pull me in close to him.  He bows his head a little and I can feel his breath on my neck.  Without a word, he has succeeded in not only giving me the chills, but arousing me to the point that I can feel the wetness in my bikini bottom.  As we stand, pressed against each other, I start to let myself melt into this stranger. 

With one hand still entwined in his, I push in closer.  I move so that my boobs are quite friendly with his chest.  Slowly, deliberate
ly, gently, I grind my crotch into his.  I'm not surprised to feel his cock, hard and ready to go.  As we stand, I suddenly become aware of what this must look like, but I quickly release those thoughts as his free hand has slid to the small of my back and he gives me a little press closer to him.  I sneak a quick look up at him and I bust him staring down at me with a hungry look in his eye.  Eyes locked, he takes a step away from me and I am disappointed until I feel a slight pull at my hand.  A slight nod of his head is all it takes for me to realize that he wants me to come with him and that is exactly what I hope to do.

He leads me back to the building and to the elevator.  Once inside, he pulls me close once again and tilts my head up to him.  His lips are soft and electric as they brush mine.  I want this man so badly it aches and I want him now.  I wonder if I said it out loud because no sooner did the thought cross my mind, a broad smile spread across his face.  The elevator doors open and he leads me out.  We stop in front of his door and he hesitates, whether to give me a chance to think again or just to make sure I know where he lives I don't know.  I give him a seductive smile as I look up at him through lowered lashes and he needs no other invitation.

Once inside, I don't even have an opportunity to take in my surroundings.  I know it's clean and it smells good but that's as far as I get before he has me against the door and is exploring my mouth with a quite skilled tongue.  He kisses like no one I've ever kissed before.  This new style, unknown to me, new and exciting, almost brings me to an orgasm.  Little moans are escaping me as he makes love to my mouth.  Just as I think my legs are about to give out on me, he sweeps me up in his arms and carries me to his bed where he deposits me.

He stands at the foot of the bed, staring intently at me.  He makes a gesture that I take to be a request to 'make myself more comfortable'.  Never am I more thankful for those pole dancing lessons than right now.  I scoot myself to the edge of the bed and stand, out of arms reach, and lower my head in my best submissive pose.  As I untie the top of my bikini, it falls down to expose my tits.  Faster than I knew anyone could move, he is in front of me, licking and sucking my already rock hard nipples.  Good God this man is good with his mouth!

Somehow, I manage to tear myself away from his mouth.  He looks at me with wonder and I sit back down on the bed.  He starts to come to me but I put up a hand for him to stay where he is.  I lie back on the bed and slowly raise my legs toward the ceiling.  As I start a super-slow bicycle with my legs, I also start to sway my hips back and forth.  When I'm certain that I have his full attention, and his cock bulging in his shorts says I do, I slowly start to slide my bikini up my raised legs, giving him a full view of my wet pussy.

Now it's his turn to gasp as I toss my bikini aside and tease two fingers down my legs and plunge them into the hot wetness that waits.  I can see in his eyes that he won't wait much longer, can't.  Keeping my eyes locked on his, I sit up and lick one of my fingers that I just pulled out.  A literal fire starts in his eyes and just before he starts to move towards me, I offer him the other finger.  He takes it into his mouth and hungrily sucks it clean.

I’ve managed to put myself in perfect position to finally get up close and personal with his most treasured of areas.  I lean my head forward and put my mouth on his cock.  I breathe heavily so he can feel the heat through his shorts.  I look up with one eye to see that he is in a state of sheer bliss which only makes me want to add to it.  Now is the time to make him mine.  I wrap my arms around his hips and start to slide his shorts down and out of the way.  His cock springs out at me, begging for attention which I am more than happy to give.  The scent of him fills my nostrils and makes me wet all over again.  I try to take him all into my mouth but he’s just too big.  He doesn’t seem to mind that it won’t all fit, nor do I.  I continue to tease him, to flick the head of his cock with my tongue and lick the rest up and down like a lolly.  Random moans escape him and more for me than for him, I stop because I need to feel him filling me up.

He seems more than willing to oblige, stepping the rest of the way out of his shorts and nudging me onto the bed proper.  Tense with anticipation, it’s all I can do to stay somewhat still as I lay watching him.  He’s hovering over me and giving me a moment to take in the definition in his arms, the strength of his abs, the hips that will pump me like priming a well.  Lost in his body, I’m slightly surprised when he gently kisses me on the forehead and leaves a trail of kisses all the way down to paradise.

To not know my body, he certainly knows exactly what to do to drive me crazy.  I’m already on the edge of an orgasm and so my first one arrives rather quickly.    He went to work on my clit, licking it in long, hard strokes and alternating that with sucking.  Because spoken words are beyond my present capabilities, I can only push my hips toward him in a gesture I hope he understands to mean that my pussy needs some loving.  Very bright he is since he takes the hint right away.  With one deft move, he slides two fingers into me and finds THE spot and my body responds with one of the better orgasms that I’ve ever had.  Now that the first one is out of the way, I can relax a bit and really enjoy what’s going on. 

He gives me a brief respite before going back to work.  My clit, already swollen and sensitive, receives another tongue lashing while he finger paints the walls of my pussy.  The pressure is so intense, amazing, that I want to call out his name.  I don’t know what it is.  I settle for reaching out and stroking his head as he treats my pussy like they’ve been best friends forever.  The combination of manual and oral dexterity don’t just push me over the edge, they throw me and when I hit the bottom, the power of it all forces out everything that I was holding back.  With a scream and a squirt, I soak him in my cum.  My entire body is literally humming and jumps up an octave when he finally drills me with his long, thick cock. 

We bump and grind and pump and thrust with reckless abandon.  The smell of sweat and sex fills the room and permeates my nostrils.  I reach down to rub my clit and my pussy tenses in response.  A grunt from him as I squeeze his cock nice and tight with my pussy.  I’m rubbing my clit with a fervor reserved for a situation such as this.  As my pussy pulsates with the energy of a fantastic fuck, I whisper to him that I’m going to cum again.  He drives his cock deeper and deeper into me and the promised orgasm ensues.  A glance up at him tells me that it is his time as well and my calculations are correct.  Seconds later he pulls out and strokes his cock, still glistening with all of my wetness, until he shoots his load all over my belly.

He collapses on the bed next to me, breathing heavily.  I excuse myself to his bathroom and discreetly manage to drag my bikini along with me.  Once in his bathroom, I clean myself up and put my bikini back on.  I know it’s wrong, but I just can’t help myself.  I can’t feel any sort of attachment to this stranger, so as he lies in his bed, in an afterglow of sweaty sex, I quietly let myself out his door and head back to the pool.

It’s too damn hot out here for me now, especially considering the workout that I just went through.  I gather up my things and head back to the cool quiet of my air conditioned apartment and wonder if I’ll ever see my no-named lover again.

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  1. I think if people can't follow the big red text up front, they deserve a little erotica for their indiscretion. Added you to my summary post, too (hopefully I won't be yelled at for how I pointed people your way!)

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