Afterhours at the 1230

Things are never normal at our house.  Nowhere near, actually.  More importantly, things are always funny at our house.

I am trying to do the whole "good mom" thing and keep my daughter focused on school.  To help with this, I limit the time she has her cell phone (when she's at home, heaven forbid something happen and she doesn't have it) and her laptop (yeah, she's a little spoiled).  When 9 pm rolls around, she has to hand them both over.  Last night, she knocked on the bedroom door, as usual, and gave me the laptop and the phone.  I put them down in their usual place and then Lovey came over and picked up her phone.

He was just turning it over in his hands and then he said, "You know what would be funny?"

Any converstaion that starts with those words in our house can be nothing but trouble.  I asked him what he was thinking anyways.  So he proceeds with, "You should take a picture of your butt and put it on her cell phone."

R O F L M F A O!

We went on to discuss how it should be her background and her welcome picture and it would be a perfect birthday present for her in another week or so.  She would have to look at my butt for a long time until she figured out how to change it.  I didn't do it.  Yet.

We are sick individuals.

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  1. I think she'd forgive you…eventually. Just as long as you don't picture-message it to everyone in her contact list before you give the phone back to her. You'd be in the mom-doghouse forever with that one!

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