Saturday night on South Beach

Over the weekend, we celebrated two years of dating bliss by going to one of our most favorite restaurants ever, El Rancho Grande.  You must realize the excellence of this place if it will bring us to South Beach on a Saturday night.  We had a pina colada and a mango margarita, followed by the delicious yumminess of queso fundido.  As neither of our hearts had stopped yet, we followed that up with El Plato Mixto for him and Tacos al Pastor for me.  To complete our piggishness, we downed Bananas Foster for dessert.  Damn, that was good.

And now, for the evening's entertainment, brought to you by the local homeless and the Miami Beach PD.

On our walk back to the car from the restaurant, we took in the sights and sounds of South Beach:

  •  A car (very new, very shiny Bentley) containing 4 young-ish African-American males from which the music could be heard from 2 blocks away.  Please boys, be realistic and don't complain that the cops are racist when you get pulled over. 
  • The ever-present stench of stale urine.  Mmmmm, mmmmm! 
  • The rantings of a homeless man attempting to get money from people stopped at the red light at Washington and Lincoln.

Within that last item, that's where the entertainment lies.  Apparently, said homeless man wasn't looking past the car from which he was trying to panhandle.  If he had been, maybe he would have acted differently.  As it were, he was leaning into the window of a truck when from out of nowhere we all hear:

"Get away from that truck, Robert Parker.  I told you I don't want to see you again tonight!"

For only three cars back, in her car, is a Miami Beach police officer.  I suppose she had had a run in with Bobby a little earlier in the evening and had warned him once.  By the way, she didn't yell that, she threw on her loudspeaker just in case Bobby had lost his hearing since the first time she saw him.

Bobby, grudginly, went on his way, as did we.  Entertainment for the evening, over.  If you are in Miami, make sure you check this place out.  The food is spectacular, the service is way above par for Miami, and our check stayed under $60 for all that food.

PS.  If you do come to Miami and you happen to park in the 16th and Washington garage, please don't urinate in there.  There are bathrooms available all over.  Thanks.

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