Lost my Vox-jo or Mo-vox, take your pick.

In the beginning of (Vox) time, excitement and wonder flowed around this new bloggersphere.  Postings were well-written and came often.  I think that the honeymoon is over.

For whatever reason, be it my life is kinda boring, writer's block, sheer laziness, I can't bring myself to post very often any more.  I still read a lot of posts, but any quality flowing out of these hands has seemed to dry up.  I thought that this exercise would help me with my writing, but it seems to have done the exact opposite.

How do I get past this road block?  More importantly, how do I figure out what caused it so it doesn't pop up again?

Grrrrr.  That's as good as it gets any more.

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0 responses to “Lost my Vox-jo or Mo-vox, take your pick.”

  1. I like "Vox-jo". Don't worry, when the inspiration hits again you'll be on fire with posts. I believe it, anyway.
    You know… you never finished your story. I know it was a while ago but I noticed you haven't touched it.
    Good luck, hun.

  2. I have two of them, both half-done with another one rolling around my noggin that I can't seem to get onto paper. Silly head full of stuff by hands won't cooperate.
    Thanks for the note.

  3. I went through that about six weeks ago, so I spent a week in self-imposed Question of the Day exile. After a week, I was dying to post some thoughts of my own. Worked like a charm – for me, at least.Good luck, however you choose to confront your writer's block.

  4. I watched as you went through that QotD hell. You're brave. Much more brave than I. I want to punch the screen when I read some of those questions. Maybe I just need to do that, punch the screen, and things will start to move along. 🙂
    Thank you as well for the note.

  5. Why, thank you. I've received more positive feedback than I expected from that little diversion. The general theme seems to be "hero." Who am I to argue?Punching the screen, though – I hadn't thought of that. It's just crazy enough to work.

  6. I've heard many professional writers and authors give advice to new writers but always seem to come back to the same basic mantra – Get your butt in the chair and write. (The idea being that even if you're writing crap, you're getting in there and writing, and pretty soon you will spark an idea or be able to find the diamond in the rough in your writing and be able to carry it on. Plus, sometimes the first 5-10 minutes are the part that makes you think you have nothing to write about, but after you get your creative juices flowing, it just starts to come to you. If you don't actually get started or stop before you even get going, you'll never know if you were faking yourself out.)The above advice works about 60-70% of the time for me. Sometimes, I just write something and end up deleting it entirely when I come back and see it's complete rubbish. Sometimes I write for 20 minutes only to delete what I was working on and start over with a brand new idea that only came to me after hashing out another one for what seemed like forever. Sometimes I just can't write and give up. Not saying it'll work for you, but if you've been putting off writing just because you can't think of something to write about, it might be worth a shot….

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