QotD: How I'll Spend My Summer Vacation

Are you taking a vacation this summer (or this season)?  Where are you headed and who's going with you?


 I was just counting down to vacation this morning, actually.  School will be out soon and so my daughter is going to do a little vacation time with my mom.  During her vacation there, my love and I will be spending one week in beautiful Key Largo, FL.  Activities to include:

  • sleeping in
  • drinking
  • going out on the boat
  • getting nekkid
  • drinking (me not him, he's driving)

After that, we come back to reality for a couple months.  In September though, we're taking a little road trip to Club Med for a weekend of meeting new folks and me catching up with a bunch of folks I already know.  Ex-GO reunion!!  If you know what that means and don't know the details, drop me a line and I'll fill you in!

Back to reality for a few more months before the BIG vacation in January.  Park City, Utah, here we come!  This place is so super awesome that I cannot wait to go.  They offer a one day class that guarantees that you'll be ready to get on and off the lift by yourself and take on some gentle greens the day after class.  Kiddie and Lovey are going to that while I take a class on shredding on my board.

Oh how I can't wait for vacation!!

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