The countdown is on.

A mere 43 days remain until our long-awaited vacation, and yes, we are counting.  As you can tell from the picture, we're headed north to the snow.  Preparations have been ongoing for months now with everything from booking (and then changing, and changing again) our cabin, dealing with the airlines that seem to want to change our flights every time we decide where we want to sit, and clothing the masses.  By the way, here's where we're going.

So this trip is exciting on so many levels.  First, it is our first family vacation, (an ex-roommate and his girlfriend count as family, right?), myself, my daughter and my boyfriend.  I'm so stoked that everyone gets along and we can go on this trip.  Second, it's my boyfriend's first time to see real live snow!  I'm glad that I get to share this first with him.  Third, it is the first time for everyone on the trip, excluding myself, to go skiing or snowboarding.  I'm no pro, don't worry, I won't get too far ahead of them, but I like to think that I have a clue.  Fourth, it's VACATION!!  One entire week of sleeping in, staying up late, and in general relaxation.

All of our ducks are in a row and they are waiting to glide down the mountain.  Is it the end of December yet?!?!

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