3/30 – When lips meet

Hey look! Today’s prompt is probably normal for most people, but I’m not most people and I’m certainly not normal. First kiss/first love.

Since there is no specification of whether or not that love was requited, and those would be different stories, I think I’ll pass on the first love story. To be honest, I don’t remember my first kiss. I imagine it was around the time I was 14 or so (it’s weird to be a late bloomer among older friends), but like I said, I don’t recall for sure.

But, how about I have a Tina Belcher moment and describe a first kiss full of teenage girl angst?

It’s my 14th birthday party and there are lots of people and music and a cake. And my own personal Jimmy Junior is there. I am, as I should be, the center of attention, surrounded by my worshippers friends. The party goes on for hours and I have the best time of my young life. Throughout the night, I look for my Jimmy Junior and I always see him just on the edge of the crowd. While I am having fun, I an’t help but to think about the only present I really want is my first kiss…from Jimmy Junior.

The party is winding down and people are starting to leave. I don’t know where the time has gone. I’ve danced, laughed, ate, drank – all the things one does at a party. Of course, I still am not fulfilled. There is an empty spot in my heart and on my lips. All but a handful of guests are left and I start to help to clean up. As the last of my friends leave, I feel the party was a success. I turn to get back to work and find myself face-to-face with Jimmy Junior. He takes a moment to look into my eyes before he grabs my hand and starts walking towards the door.

He walks us to a nearby bench and sits me down then takes the spot beside me. He places his hands on mine and wishes me a happy birthday. I can barely whisper out my thanks. And then, by the light of the full moon, Jimmy Junior leans in and gives me the best present ever – my first kiss.

Thank you, ladies a gentlemen! This has been a trademark violating probably Tina Belcher production!

Perhaps tomorrow will bring a better topic. 🙂

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