3/30 – When lips meet

Hey look! Today’s prompt is probably normal for most people, but I’m not most people and I’m certainly not normal. First kiss/first love.

Since there is no specification of whether or not that love was requited, and those would be different stories, I think I’ll pass on the first love story. To be honest, I don’t remember my first kiss. I imagine it was around the time I was 14 or so (it’s weird to be a late bloomer among older friends), but like I said, I don’t recall for sure.

But, how about I have a Tina Belcher moment and describe a first kiss full of teenage girl angst?

It’s my 14th birthday party and there are lots of people and music and a cake. And my own personal Jimmy Junior is there. I am, as I should be, the center of attention, surrounded by my worshippers friends. The party goes on for hours and I have the best time of my young life. Throughout the night, I look for my Jimmy Junior and I always see him just on the edge of the crowd. While I am having fun, I an’t help but to think about the only present I really want is my first kiss…from Jimmy Junior.

The party is winding down and people are starting to leave. I don’t know where the time has gone. I’ve danced, laughed, ate, drank – all the things one does at a party. Of course, I still am not fulfilled. There is an empty spot in my heart and on my lips. All but a handful of guests are left and I start to help to clean up. As the last of my friends leave, I feel the party was a success. I turn to get back to work and find myself face-to-face with Jimmy Junior. He takes a moment to look into my eyes before he grabs my hand and starts walking towards the door.

He walks us to a nearby bench and sits me down then takes the spot beside me. He places his hands on mine and wishes me a happy birthday. I can barely whisper out my thanks. And then, by the light of the full moon, Jimmy Junior leans in and gives me the best present ever – my first kiss.

Thank you, ladies a gentlemen! This has been a trademark violating probably Tina Belcher production!

Perhaps tomorrow will bring a better topic. 🙂

1/30 The April Challenge

So first, a preface.

I saw a post on Facebook a few days back that had writing prompts for the month of April in a sort of challenge form. Knowing that I needed to get back to writing to possibly kickstart actually writing something, this felt like something good to do. I’ve recruited some folks to play along (I think), just as I was pulled in. Here we go.

Five Problems with Social Media

How ironic, seeing that social media is where I found this challenge, but there’s plenty of them. Sorry this will be a bullet pointer rather than an actual blog.

  • Know-it-nothings: We’ve all run across this person, whether the person is on Facebook or sits next to you at work. He claims to know everything about every topic ever presented, but really just talks out of his ass (like Trump, you know?). And the KIN really hates to be called out on his bullshit. Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Twitter, is his playground. And Facebook is where he thrives because so many people will take everything they read there as fucking gospel and then spread that shit like the plague. KINs on Facebook are part of the dumbing down of our society.
  • Wizards: Not like the D&D kids, but fairly closely related to the KINs. These are the people who don’t care if they’re right or wrong, they’re gonna post that bullshit and stand behind it….on Facebook. If you met a wizard on the street, they’d likely be too chickenshit to spew their garbage to you in person, but, much like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz, they have this great curtain to hide behind while telling themselves they’re tough or important or that their message should be heard. Fuck yinz guys.
  • Unicorns and Glitter:  100% honesty here, I am guilty of this. It doesn’t matter how I try to spin it to myself, I’m still guilty. I post the happy shit, the pleasant shit, the shit that makes you laugh or smile. Personally, I don’t think that my friends want to hear about my cramps or constipation or any other less than awesome thing that’s going on in my life. But life’s not perfect, folks, even though that’s what we portray to our friends. Remember life before social media? When you really talked to your friends face-to-face? So they knew that shit wasn’t perfect even without you changing your profile picture to the biggest fucking smile you have? Your FRIENDS. Not your Facebook friends. The real people who know you and care about if you’re having the best day ever or the worst day of your life and want to hear about both. Social media slowly but surely takes that away, if we let it, of course. Go call your BFF. Call, not text!
  • Savages: Again, keeping it 100, I’m not going to sit here and say that I haven’t laughed at a comment that was “savage”, but it’s like it’s become a goal. Let me see what I can say about this that is the most horrific and insulting thing that will still get a laugh because we’re all morally bankrupt. Why can’t our goal be to be the anti-savage? Let’s start saying things that lift people up instead of tearing them down. I know we won’t because we’re already 30 miles down that highway to hell and there’s no stopping us now.
  • Timesuck : I spend waaaaaaay too much time on social media. Time I could be using to read, or write, or work on the Mighty Methed Out Power Strippers (ha, look them up on Facebook), or doing yoga, or exercising or stretching, or so many other things. I look at Twitter every now and again, and Instagram less more and more, but Facebook, that fucker, just caresses my soul. One minute it’s 7:30 and the next minute it’s 9:00. I really should delete the app from my phone. Hey, maybe I will. For this month. If I can make it that long. I need rehab.

And none of this is April Fool’s. But this, my friends, is definitely the end of this post. See you tomorrow.