The Downhill Slide To The End

Hello, Roatan. I missed your SalvaVida. Such a lovely beer you are.

We really slacked hardcore in Roatan. We didn’t leave the port although we did get off the ship, because, how else am I gonna get a SalvaVida?!? Yeah, I feel a little bad about making it all the way back to Honduras and not really going out and seeing anything, but man was it nice with practically no one on the ship.

There’s no segue here. In the land of perfume, I had phases that I went through. Avon perfume, cheap stuff, and I got into a Donna Karan Cashmere phase as well. The latest perfume I’ve fallen in love with is Gucci Guilty. Not all perfumes work well with my personal chemistry, but this one, yum. For that, I got off the ship. I was quite happy to find it for quite a bit less than I’ve seen it anywhere else and I shall now live in it and it shall be my signature smell. Huzzah. And that was our trip to Honduras.

I mentioned yesterday, on our actual anniversary, that it was our anniversary. During sail-away, we crushed the bottle of champagne we won on the first day. Happy anniversary to us!

Since I’ve talked about it every other day, yesterday was another day of lots of walking. I finished the day at right around nine miles. It’s madness the amount we’re walking!

Ok, that’s it for yesterday. Tomorrow I’ll tell you of today’s adventures. J

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