Day Five Adventures in Belize

Ahhh, Belize. You beautiful third world country, you. I’m really not saying that as a dig, our tour guide said that they’re considered a third world country. It’s possible to see the truth in the statement as you move around, but it’s more fun to see all of the neat stuff that they have instead. Like mangoes. I think they said 100 varieties. So super awesome.

Belize City was the only place we were going to do an excursion (since in Cozumel, we can just walk around and do what we do), but we didn’t want it to be all day long. We chose A Tale Of Two Cities which showed the highlights of Belize City as well as a trip to Altun Ha. How beautiful and peaceful it was at Altun Ha. We walked and walked and walked, just taking it all in. We climbed up to the top of one of the structures for an even more spectacular view. Altun Ha is in some way related to or structured after the Pyramid of the Sun and the Moon, so this completed the circle since I had visited the latter when I was in Mexico City.

As with most places when you’re on vacation, the locals are trying to sell their wares. The tour guide had made mention of a blackberry wine and I absolutely knew that I was going to need to, at the very least, taste some of that. After we finished with our photos and were heading back towards the bus, we decided to see what there was. We got to taste three kinds of wine that they made there: a flower wine (which taste a lot like dandelion did), the blackberry, and a cashew wine. The cashew one was pretty strong. It’s said that on super hot days, it will sorta ferment in your stomach and get you drunk a second time. It was not hot enough, nor was I brave enough to consider giving that a shot. The nice gentleman who sold us the wine was also kind enough to offer us weed, and when we declined that, thought maybe we were a little more hardcore so offered us some coke instead. Umm, thanks, but no thanks, dude. If I decide that I’m going to ingest some illegal substance into my body, I sure as hell ain’t gonna do it in a foreign country where I’ve gotten it from some dude I’ve never met before. Is this what the 80s were like in New York? Total madness.

The kid in the next booth over didn’t really care if we actually purchased anything. His main focus was Lovey’s Miami Heat hat. The kid wanted to trade SO badly. Even though the hat was full of sweat, the kid was over the moon to get it and it only cost him the necklace I was eyeballing. Mmmm, turquoise. You’re so pretty. Also, guess I need to replace that hat for Lovey.

Before getting back on the ship, we stopped for some lunch at a tiny place called the Smoky Mermaid. I had a lemon butter red snapper that was the best piece of fish I’ve had in another country. While we were eating, we met an older couple that we want to adopt us so we can go travel with them. They were telling us that this was the second of their back-to-back cruises and that they had ALSO just recently done an overseas cruise. Ahh, to be retired with what appears to be a heck of a dispensible income.

Back on the ship, we had Izumi, the sushi place, for dinner. Man, they never fail to be awesome. From the awesome rolls to the perfect miso, it’s just fantastic. We called it a somewhat early  night after being bummed out by Lebron and his cramped up ass not leading the Heat to victory and because tomorrow, I return to the motherland. Mexico. Hasta luego.

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