On The Third Day, There Was Rain

Another sea day, folks. First things first, it’s our anniversary. Four years. J  Secondly, lemon cookies. They’re awesome. Onward.

Yesterday we got a good bit of rain but it was still warm. I am still trying to stay away from wet decks so I don’t take another spill. The amount of walking we’ve been doing is slowly declining. I think we only did 5 miles yesterday as opposed to the nearly 10 the first day. I think that we’ll get those numbers back up in Belize though.

On that exercise type note, I got a body composition analysis done. It was kinda neat – the printout they give you, that is, the actual procedure is just like standing on a scale and holding handlebars. The bottom line of it is that I’m not retaining too much water, I need 1358 calories a day, and my body will give up 6 pounds of fat which should come from my legs and I need to go back to doing legs or running or something. No wonder I can’t hold my legs up in iron X……6 extra pounds.

And speaking of feats of wonder, we went to the ice show. The actual space for skating isn’t overly large so double axels were the biggest tricks that were thrown. But hey, it’s not like I can do one. It was still fun to see and then all of a sudden, it got awesome. There was a couple that came out and did German Wheel. Did you hear me? They did German Wheel. On. The. Ice. Yup, super impressive.

We signed up for lessons on the FlowRider. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about that disaster. I’m just hoping to not injure myself. You’ll probably hear me screaming from where you are. Sometimes I wonder why I torture myself with these water activities. My rational, conscious mind keeps me out of the water for the most part because my irrational subconscious is ALWAYS trying to get me to jump in like I wouldn’t sink and die. Stupid brain.

Lastly, and most importantly, we went to Sabor last night. Yes, as a matter of fact, it was slap yo mamma delicious. Guacamole was made tableside for us. The queso fundido was sloppily delicious, and the tuna crudo, OMG so good.

One thought on “On The Third Day, There Was Rain

  1. Your stories! Make me want to go! Oh wait, I leave tomorrow morning!

    To Cancun and area. Hooray!!!! I’m a little (a LOT) terrified of deep water/oceans… Let’s see if I can get over that…

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