Off To Never Never Land

And that’s where I was last night because I just couldn’t hold my eyes open for ONE MORE INNING to see the Buccos walk off and RTJR. I can only imagine how tired those guys are gonna be for a noon game today when they went until nearly 2am last night. At any rate, Let’s Go BUCS!

So, it’s spring and all, but we still woke up to several inches of snow this morning. It’s pretty and it isn’t too cold outside and most importantly, it didn’t stick to the road, so I’m all good with it. It makes for great pictures. I must admit, though, that I’m ready for warm weather sports so the snow can stop it now.

It was pretty overcast this morning, so that means a no contacts day. I think that I like wearing my glasses because I hide behind them. I know that it’s silly thinking because they’re mostly glass so I’m not really hiding at all, but hey, let my brain do its thing. I feel as though I’m more persuasive when I have my smart girl specs on. Persuasive? Yes. Intitmidating? Well maybe although I don’t mean it that way. Because who’s intimidated by little ole me? Apparently other people. Hop in my time machine, won’t you?

Several moons ago, ok, many moons ago, I was introduced to a very nice man. I think that the person who introduced us was trying to play matchmaker, but that just wasn’t the frame of mind that I was in at that time. Said nice man is a former NBA-type which puts him at, oh, at least a foot and a half taller than me and certainly outweighing me by 100 pounds easy. I should probably mention that at this time, I was at a real peak of my Club Med-ness, so I was balls to the wall and pretty free-spirited.

Nice man, whom we’ll call SB going forward, yeah, we share initials, said to me during our first meeting around the dinner table, that I was very intimidating. Me. Me, who is being towered over by you, is intimidating. Ummm, ok. That was the day that I learned that I didn’t need to be big to be a motherfucking badass. Thank you, SB, for that life lesson. And in case you’re wondering, although I don’t know how you could be, that was not a love connection although we do still keep in touch and I almost pooped my pants the day he called me out of the blue and started singing to me. It was this:

Lookit, 2 videos in one post!

Anywho, it’s just about the time of the day where I go learn to be even more intimidating…at the firing range. Be warned, I’m a pretty good shot. Country girls, we know stuff. See ya tomorrow and get ready to ROCO!

Say What?