ROCO Friday – Now With KISS!

I was made for lovin’ you, Friday, you were made for lovin’ meeeeeeeeeee! Let the congregation say ROCO!

Made it through another week, folks. Congrats! I don’t know about you, but it’s been one hell of a week and I don’t mean one hell of a good week. I just happened to finish it off with pretty much bonking during the morning workout. I made it to the end and my shake but it was NOT pretty. But, you know, we keep trucking because we want pretty asses and arms and shoulders and abs for cruises and strong glutes and guns and shoulders for pole.And flexible quads, hammies, shoulders, and backs for splits and backbends, but I’m getting out of hand.

 Sidebar: Do you get your news from SportsCenter? I do. It’s usually a lot less depressing.

By the way, let me just reiterate the importance of IT’S FRIDAY!!  Also, when I don’t finish this in the morning, then I really struggle to get it done. So I’m not going to struggle. I’m gonna go enjoy my Friday night and I hope you do the same. 🙂

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