Getting Blown Off I-70

This morning, we tried out going second shift up to the mountains. Instead of getting up at 5 and getting on the road by 7, we got up at 7 and got on the road by 9. Traffic? Nope. Perfect. Even with an event up there today, there was a wonderful amount of free space for riding. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

As we were cruising up 70, at a slightly breaking the speed limit 72 in a 65, a car passed us like we were standing still. They had to be doing 90 easy. Within a few minutes of being passed, we start seeing cars pulled over. One on our side, another on our side, one going the other way, another on our side. And then we pass a JeffCo sheriff. He was in the median.When we passed him, he was getting back in his truck. He pulled out and threw the lights on and I was concerned that he came out for me. Hahaha, nope. Those folks doing 90? He got them probably a mile and a half to two miles down the road. I mean, far enough that they probably thought they were in the clear. That’s gonna be a pricey ticket. Too bad for them.

Did some more racing. I’m somehow getting slower. The guy on the course said it’s because the snow’s getting slow. I’ll take that.

I’ll also take a couple aspirin and my bed because snowboarding after legs day equals good night.


Say What?