My neck AND my back

Aaaand it’s time to go to the chiropractor. I’ve tried the tennis ball and I’ve tried the foam roller, but neither of them gets this damn knot in my neck. I’m so used to going now, that I can feel the stupid vertebrae that’s out of place. Get back in your home!! Ugh!

I felt so accomplished when I had all of my choreography down on paper for my performance later this month. And then I took it to the studio. Sometimes I forget what I can do and what I cannot. Time to make some changes. Not all bad, though. There were 2 moves I had in my routine that I am not going to have performance-ready before the end of the month, but I found three other moves that I can put in there. Thank goodness for strength moves! That’s how I roll.

Did you know that I live in Colorado? Did you know that it is January? Did you know that it’s been in the mid-sixties all week? WTH, Nature?!?! I’m not complaining, but couldn’t you hang on until Sunday? Yeah, Sunday for the game it’ll be 20 degrees colder than it’s been all week. (HA! Just saw there’s going to be a story on the news about how STEELER NATION is taking over Denver.) But a little chilly weather ain’t gonna stop me from going and screaming my head off for the boys. Mainly because at any time that I get cold, I can go inside. Spoiled rotten I am. 🙂

Short post. Stretching takes forever. I will own those damn splits by the end of the month. Ciao!

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