See ya, 2012!

<insert deep breath here>

Peace out, 2012. You were pretty fun, but I am SO over you and ready to move on.

Of course it’s that time of year where folks set up some New Year’s resolutions for themselves.  Let me look back a year to see if I made this futile effort last year…..damn, you’re still there?  Well, the answer was no, I didn’t. The year before either.  I’m smarter than I thought.  This year, my uber-intelligence continues as I will not make resolutions for the year. I will, however, make weekly goals that would help me attain my “New Year’s resolutions” that I’m not making.  I’m just being realistic here. Because I know me. Oh, in addition to the weekly goals, I am thinking also a monthly pole goal (that is composed of two points).

And so, so let it be written, so let it be done. I’m getting a head start.

The January Pole Goal: Brass Monkey (pole), Michelle’s crazy floor swipe (floorwork).  There, I said it.  Not so bad, and attainable as long as I just work on them. With all credit to Pole Dance Dictionary (love them), here’s a picture of the Brass Monkey:

Brass Monkey
Brass Monkey

And if you tell me how easy this move is, I will straight up go Cartman on you and kick you in the NUTS! It could be easy though, I just haven’t really tried it out yet. So maybe your nuts are safe. Likely that if you’re reading this you don’t even have any (except Bob, Conrad, and Joe).

I cannot show you Michelle’s floor swipe thingy, or at least I can’t link to it currently. She actually calls it a Hand Press Leap. If you know anything of pole dance and/or anything of Michelle, then you know it’s fantastic. Period.

And sooner in January would be better than later in January as I would really like to have both of these moves in my routine for the February showcase. Goals? I haz them.

So, right now, my pole move list has 16 moves on it.  Plenty to get me through the year at one a month and obviously a few extra for those months that I’m working extra hard.

That is actually the part of “goal setting” and achieving that will likely be easy. The remainder, not so much, mainly due to time constraints. I’m still going to try to make it happen.

2013 is the year of the book. I’ve been sitting on this chick lit story forever and since Ms. Mattas said it’s book writing year, then let’s get on it.

2013 is the year of front splits. I really am close enough that if I put in serious work on it, I’d be on the floor by my 40th birthday. Let’s get on it.

2013 will hold a couple other things, I’m sure, but surprises are fun. And without further ado, for me more than for you, I present the Monday Musings, or Sh!t I Wanna Do This Week:

  • 2 cardio sessions (1 down, 1 to go)
  • 2 weight sessions
  • 3 stretching sessions
  • 1 foam rolling session
  • 2 pole sessions
  • 2  1 hour writing sessions
  • 3 blog sessions

Not bad. I think I can do this. Who needs sleep, right?

I’ve put these things out into the universe. May they not come back and sucker punch me.

Have a wonderful (AND SAFE!!!) New Year’s Eve folks! See you next year and be ready to rock and roll!

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