Happy New Year….Yesterday

Hi there, 2013, you sexy beast.

Glad to be out of 2012.  The end of the year, by far, is the worst for me.  Not simply because I don’t actually enjoy the end-of-year holiday madness, but because I tend to get strapped for time and therefore lazy about my working out.  Inevitably, I start the year with the November/December fat pooch.  Ugh. 

BUT, that pooch can’t slow me down.  I’m going to punch it with cardio and ab work until it gives up and slinks away, oh I don’t know, maybe into my ass although probably not, but away from my midsection.  I might even have to attend a CrossFit class (you know who you are) although probably not because it doesn’t look 100% safe to me and I don’t want to look like a CrossFit chick.  I have enough problems with bulking up.  Anywho, this week has been a success so far.  This is blog post 2 of 3.  I’ve handled 1 of 2 weights days and 2 of 3 cardio days.  Still lots to do and lots to look forward to, but I’m feeling good.

I’m on a financial diet, even though the Hubby likes to remind me that we aren’t poor, to make up for the fact that I’m not on a food diet.  Screw that.  I’m not trying to be in a bodybuilding competition, I just want to be fit.  So fuck yeah, I’m having that cookie.  And I might eat its best friend also.  That’s how I do.  But in the realm of that financial diet (read: budget), I try considerably harder not to cheat.  I guess I’m a hoarder.  A money hoarder.  Just call me Scrooge McDuck.  (Duck Tales.  Woo Oooh.)

I’m turning over a new leaf.  I’m not going spending crazy by any means, but I am going to institute S4 or Second Saturday Spa Sessions.  One delicious, deep tissue, trigger point, get deeper, use your friggin elbow, if I’m not grunting you’re not deep enough massage per month.  A little treat to keep me focused on working out since this is my reward for staying on track.  This month, I’ll be trying a local place that has a chiropractor (although I already have one of those that I like) and masseuses that are more focused on rehabbing from injuries.  Hopefully they’ll be “the ones”.  If not, I have a couple of other places lined up to try.

In other news, part of the reason I’m fighting this pooch is the breadmaker that I got.  So far, I’m 4 loaves in and have yet to get one to come out that didn’t fall.  Fortunately, even when they do fall, they’re still yummy.  Or maybe that’s unfortunately.  Either way, I’m gonna keep trying until I get it right.  And when I do, I’ll be stoked to make all kinds of crazy yummy concoctions in there.  This is why I work out.  So I can eat bread and lots of it.

Hey, somebody remind me to post a picture or something of where I am with my splits progress, ok?  How else am I going to know if I’m getting anywhere or if I’m stuck in the same place I’ve been?  Thanks.  I knew I could count on you.

Well, I hate to write and run, but…actually I just hate to run.  See you Friday when I may bring back the ROCO Friday tradition.  Peace!

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