New Week, New Posts, & Some Realizations

Where does the time go?? I just recently asked how I could get five more hours in between about 5 and 10pm. Wouldn’t you enjoy that? More time to work out, more time to stretch, more time to pole dance? Of course you want that! Make it happen, science!

Last week was a blur. A lazy blur. But, I’m back on the wagon. Getting those workouts in (using’s like dog shaming but with exercise), trying to write (see? Here I am!), and just generally being a cooler me. In order to be that cooler me, I have to realize and accept that waiting until Sunday to do things is the same as saying, eff it, I’m not gonna do it. I could be queen of the procrastination club if I could make it to meetings…maybe next week.

Remember Second Saturdays? Where I go get a massage? A deep tissue massage? I did at least do that. I have a lovely bruise on my ass to show for it. Hopefully, as I continue to stretch, things will continue to loosen up and I won’t be putting myself through this torture of trying to break up 5 year old scar tissue for nothing. My desire for deep tissue massage, oddly enough, goes along with why I shouldn’t partner stretch. In partner stretching, I’ll just do my best to keep relaxing into whatever stretch my partner is pushing me into (except splits) which ultimately leads to me over-stretching and not being able to walk for a couple days. Massage is the same. The masseuse is in there just digging away with her elbows and I just do my best to breathe through it. She’s the first person who has even come close to making me want to wave the white flag. Did I let her go too far? Possibly. I think she might have moved a rib, but that’s why I have a chiropractor. After she was done and we were chatting, she told me that she was starting to wonder if I was still alive because most people would have been crying out in pain when she was as deep as she was.  Yeah, well. I’m tough. Or stupid. Take your pick.

I have another post coming shortly after this one all about pole, hooray!  You’ll need to be familiar with Star Trek and the Borg, so get on over to Wikipedia and start studying so you’re not left out!

Speaking of pole, someone needs to get on the ball. A mere 3.5 weeks until the showcase and I’ve knocked out a staggering 30 seconds of my personal routine. And I still have another 90 seconds of the group routine to choreograph. I must be crazy. Yep, that’s a definite. I think the rest of this week will just fly on by in its usual inconsiderate way. And speaking of which still, I’m out of time. Grrrr.  Have a great day!!

What Time Is It?!?!

Morris Day & The Time – The Bird by coolfunk

Yeah, that’s right. It’s time to take it old skool. Quit pretending you don’t know. (Except for those few of you who REALLY don’t know due to your age, lol.)

Why? I have no idea. It’s just what was in my head when I woke up. That, and the thought of staying in bed for another 45 minutes and not doing any stretching.

Stretching won. But, stretching didn’t win because I have this awesome willpower to get up and try to make my body do things that make it scream, “THIS BITCH!”, stretching won because I feel bad if I have the alarm set and Hubby wakes up to wake me up and then I don’t get up and I have roused him from slumber for no reason.

Yes, my exercise routine is based on a guilt trip that I planned without the assistance of my local travel agency.

Hey, welcome to Thursday! Another week nearly down the tubes. It’s been a great week though.

Monday we focused a bit on conditioning in Spin Pole, which is going to become a focus of my class. Beautiful, spinning inverts in 2013! Spin is followed by Groove Shop where we started working on our number for the showcase. These ladies are gonna crush it. I love them. They’re all channeling their inner ‘bad bitch’ and giving all the attitude necessary to dance to this song. I cannot wait to finish up the choreography in a couple of weeks so that we can just polish and be Number One Stunnas! (You know, except for the fact that I’m not actually performing with Team Groove Shop, just doing the choreography. I’ll be  performing separately, and hopefully sexily with Lenny K a little later in the show.)

Tuesday, when we could stop laughing for 30 seconds, we worked on some fun stuff, some stuff that requires either strength, flexibility, or insanity that I don’t yet have. But also worked on that beauty of a handspring and the Ayesha-Straight Edge-Brass Monkey combo. I wonder how long I could hold that elbow grip straight edge…fun contest that would be.

Yesterday was my “relax” day.That just means I didn’t go anywhere after work, lol.

Today I’m finally getting an insurance appraisal on my ring. Tomorrow is a trip to the chiropractor, thankfully.  I’m in need.

Saturday is Second Saturday, so either you’ve been reading and you know what’s up, or you can go look it up, lol.

Sunday is StudioShyne, where the pole goes up and I may dance around the living room like a total fool. Life is good.

Crap, it’s gone and gotten late and I still have to nuke my oatmeal to a million degrees so that I can’t eat it for twenty minutes and then I’m late and my whole day is off schedule.  The horror!

I’ll ramble more to ya later. Till then……..tell ’em, Morris.

Monday Musings on A Tuesday

I do always have the best intentions when it comes to writing. However, sometimes stuff (read work) gets in the way.

Did I accomplish every goal from last week? Nope. Am I going to beat myself up about it? Nope. Actively realizing that I don’t need to attain perfection is something else I’m working on this year.

So, let’s have some positives.  I worked out a plenty. Didn’t stretch enough. I blogged a plenty. Didn’t work on the book enough. I GOT MY JANUARY POLE MOVE! I got my January pole move. I was able to be a pole student, which is always fantastic. (Many thanks to the lovely Jen W. over at Studio 3SixT!) I got pushed hard and learned a few new things on top of Brass Monkey.  Success!

This week, I’ll try to continue working out a fair amount, stretching, writing, being the goofball that I am, choreographing two showcase routines (but only performing one), and running errands like a maniac Wed – Sat whilst trying to stay warm and beat the snow. Even though it’s winter, and it’s Colorado, apparently, it doesn’t typically get as cold as it’s about to out here. Going to that Broncos game on Saturday? Good effing luck. It isn’t supposed to be above 20 for the entire game. Is my team playing? No. And you know what? Even if they were, I would be hard pressed to go sit out there in that sort of weather, even for my beloved Steelers.  Hell, if the Super Bowl were here (which Denver wants but I just don’t see happening simply on the CHANCE that this upcoming weather could reoccur), I still think I’d watch from home. I don’t know that I have enough snowboard gear to justify sitting outside for 3 or 4 hours in below freezing temperatures when I’m not actually snowboarding.

Sidebar: I don’t necessarily want to see it happen, but I feel that the Ravens at least get to, if not win the Super Bowl. Ray Ray is done. He is a legend. The NFL will have him go out on top. Just like Jerome did. Go ahead, NFL, prove me wrong with not one questionable call for or against the Ravens as long as they keep playing.

Backing up for a moment, how about success? There are times when I see others and feel that they are successful. I don’t necessarily feel that way about myself. BUT, just this morning, I started thinking to myself and came to the conclusion that, by MY standards, which are the only ones that matter to me, I AM successful. I am gainfully employed making a decent salary. I don’t live in fear of my car dying (any more). I have a roof over my head (a pretty decent one to boot). I have activities that I enjoy and someone with whom to share them. And most importantly, to me, I get the opportunity, on a weekly basis, to interact with and encourage my fellow dancers.  I hope that I get to inspire them. But even if I don’t, I know that I enjoy their company and the joie de vivre (how bout that French) that each dancer brings to the studio. Sooooo, successful? Me? Yes. I. AM.

Last thing before I take off here. I added one more weekly goal. Spanish Sunday. Having taken 4 years of high school Spanish, having lived in Mexico for nearly 2 years, and having a fluent Spanish speaker in the house, there is really no reason for me not to be speaking considerably better Spanish than I do.  So Hubby has agreed to do Spanish Sunday with me wherein he will only speak to me in Spanish and only reply to me if I have spoken to him in Spanish. It’s immersion without leaving the house! Boy there are lot’s of things I want to accomplish this year. How about you? How are your goals/resolutions coming?

ROCO Friday – Teddy’s Jam

Let the congregation say….ROCO!

If you’re unfamiliar with ROCO, just type it into the little search bar up there on the right and read up.  I’ll be here.  Back?  Great, now…

Let the congregation say…ROCO!!

First things first (I, Papa), how did we do this week?  Not too badly.  Not as great as I would have liked, but, with a funky week, I’ll take it.  Got in my exercise and stretching as well as 3 blog posts.  Hopefully I’ll get some time this weekend to work on book writing.

Jam, oh jam, Teddy jam for me. Yeah, it’s Friday. Get your groove on. And while you’re getting that groove on, go read this then come back and jam some more. Welcome back.  So, while the Brass Monkey (that funky monkey) is January’s pole move, last night, we worked on a different move.

After working on said move, to be disclosed momentarily, conversation at home could go a little like this:

Non-pole dancer: What is that? On your…side boob.  Is that a bruise?!?!  How did that get there?!?!

Pole dancer: Oh, I was doing Teddy tonight.

Non-pole dancer: WTF?!?!

Yep, a pole dancer’s life.  Full of bumps, scrapes, bruises, and questionable looks from significant others.


So, Teddy. That’s him over there on the left. I don’t think that I’m totally in the proper position when I’m doing it. I am (or at least my arms feel like) holding myself up with only the contact on my inner arm and side boob.  Veena says, the other point of contact is on my back.  Guess I need to work that one out a little bit more.  If I had to guess at a third point of contact I was using last night, based on where my pain is today, I’d say I was definitely more on my side (like by my ribs) rather than my back.  Sad face.  Sore face.

Sunday, providing that I can still move around (I am sore as fudge!), it’ll be work on Brass Monkey day here at BSB HQ.  I have goals, people!  And one of those is to get to work.  Well, not really, but I have to do it.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to ROCO!!

Happy New Year….Yesterday

Hi there, 2013, you sexy beast.

Glad to be out of 2012.  The end of the year, by far, is the worst for me.  Not simply because I don’t actually enjoy the end-of-year holiday madness, but because I tend to get strapped for time and therefore lazy about my working out.  Inevitably, I start the year with the November/December fat pooch.  Ugh. 

BUT, that pooch can’t slow me down.  I’m going to punch it with cardio and ab work until it gives up and slinks away, oh I don’t know, maybe into my ass although probably not, but away from my midsection.  I might even have to attend a CrossFit class (you know who you are) although probably not because it doesn’t look 100% safe to me and I don’t want to look like a CrossFit chick.  I have enough problems with bulking up.  Anywho, this week has been a success so far.  This is blog post 2 of 3.  I’ve handled 1 of 2 weights days and 2 of 3 cardio days.  Still lots to do and lots to look forward to, but I’m feeling good.

I’m on a financial diet, even though the Hubby likes to remind me that we aren’t poor, to make up for the fact that I’m not on a food diet.  Screw that.  I’m not trying to be in a bodybuilding competition, I just want to be fit.  So fuck yeah, I’m having that cookie.  And I might eat its best friend also.  That’s how I do.  But in the realm of that financial diet (read: budget), I try considerably harder not to cheat.  I guess I’m a hoarder.  A money hoarder.  Just call me Scrooge McDuck.  (Duck Tales.  Woo Oooh.)

I’m turning over a new leaf.  I’m not going spending crazy by any means, but I am going to institute S4 or Second Saturday Spa Sessions.  One delicious, deep tissue, trigger point, get deeper, use your friggin elbow, if I’m not grunting you’re not deep enough massage per month.  A little treat to keep me focused on working out since this is my reward for staying on track.  This month, I’ll be trying a local place that has a chiropractor (although I already have one of those that I like) and masseuses that are more focused on rehabbing from injuries.  Hopefully they’ll be “the ones”.  If not, I have a couple of other places lined up to try.

In other news, part of the reason I’m fighting this pooch is the breadmaker that I got.  So far, I’m 4 loaves in and have yet to get one to come out that didn’t fall.  Fortunately, even when they do fall, they’re still yummy.  Or maybe that’s unfortunately.  Either way, I’m gonna keep trying until I get it right.  And when I do, I’ll be stoked to make all kinds of crazy yummy concoctions in there.  This is why I work out.  So I can eat bread and lots of it.

Hey, somebody remind me to post a picture or something of where I am with my splits progress, ok?  How else am I going to know if I’m getting anywhere or if I’m stuck in the same place I’ve been?  Thanks.  I knew I could count on you.

Well, I hate to write and run, but…actually I just hate to run.  See you Friday when I may bring back the ROCO Friday tradition.  Peace!