Still Alive

Miracle of miracles.

Last week was my first adventure in not being lazy.  It went something like this: boxing on Monday,Wednesday, and Friday, then trapeze on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and throw in some pole on Saturday before trapeze.  Originally, I was planning for more trapeze on Sunday, but my body (and my hubby) said, “Hey, stupid. You really ought to think about resting a day.”  And so I did.

Now we’re into week 2 of no lazyasses allowed.  Hit the gym yesterday in my neverending quest to get down to featherweight.  If I were an Olympic boxer, I’d be totally screwed because of hair and boobs  I’d get stuck in the middleweight division with ladies up to 165 pounds.  Yikes!  As it stands in “regular” boxing, I’m fluctuating between lightweight and super lightweight.  Sounds nice, right?  Yeah, not so much.

Holy smokes, I think I just had an epiphany regarding why I can’t hold that damn straddle whip.  We’ll see if I’m right later this evening if the rain holds off.

The rest of the week remains full of more boxing, more trapeze, and more pole (hopefully in studio but certainly at home).  All this work because I love to perform. I hate to practice sometimes, but I love to perform. I’d do a fight night at the gym, but they want me to sprout a money tree from my rear end for training. Instead, I’ll have a little fun at the circus show and then a little more at a certain student showcase. 🙂

Well, more rambling later. For now, I must go dress to fly.

Say What?