Walking Is Apparently Overrated

Or at least that’s what the instructor at the gym thought this evening.  He figured I didn’t need to use my legs to drive home (manual transmission), nor did I need my arms for the same.  And that’s why he beat the living hell out of us this evening.  And you know what?  It was awesome.

Have you ever gotten to that point when you’re working out where your brain says, “NO!”, but if you can just get that arm moving, that leg moving, then the rest of the body will override what the mind is thinking?  That’s where he took us.  No joke, people, I was almost crying in class – I was pushing that hard.  I may need to bathe myself in either you-bet-your-sweet-aspercreme or the blue emu oil after stretching and just hope for the best tomorrow.  Thank goodness for elevators.

But will I stop?  Will I rest tomorrow?  Oh, no, of course not because tomorrow is a day for flying.  Maybe Friday?  Nope.  Back to the gym.  What doesn’t kill me can only make me more sore.

Do you believe in signs?  That some greater force is trying to tell you something?  If there’s something out there, it slapped me in the face.  After I started thinking about needing to get into fitness as a possible source of income, the next day I was shown three different opportunities that were nice and close to the house.  Something else cool happened as well, but that’s not up for discussion right now.

This stretching isn’t going to handle itself, so I’m out.

Say What?