A Short Journey

The other day, I made myself a quite ambitious list.  The list provided me with something to do every day through the end of August.  These aren’t things that are extensive, just baby steps to get myself going again.  The list contains a lot of trapeze and a lot of boxing.  My goal is to lose last winter’s layer of fat before we get to this winter, making it continually harder to get rid of it.

Sidebar: I just turned on the tv and Saved By The Bell is on.  Turn it, turn it!

All of this trapeze and flying, I’m hoping, will encourage me to keep working out.  I have untapped potential that I am wasting by sitting in an office.  I need to pole, I need to do Zumba, I need to work on getting my personal trainer certification because these things will get me out of the office and off my ass doing things I actually enjoy.  Right?  If you know me, you know that offices aren’t for me.  I need to be out and about, busting chops, because that’s how and where I flourish.

So here I am, with my new look blog.  The sunny side which I aim for being fitness, the darker side being the office (mind you, the dark side isn’t bad, per se, I am very fortunate to have this position).  I’ll be trying once again to write more often, hopefully daily, to also get those wheels turning because this book isn’t going to write its damn self.

Welcome to yet another journey.

Oh, by the way, I get to do a weekend trip for my birthday in December.  The original thought was Vegas, but now I’m thinking I might not want to go there.  Where would you go if you had a four day weekend?

2 thoughts on “A Short Journey

  1. Very proud of you, Shyne! You can do it! And if you ever need a little motivation, you know where to find me…

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