Mean Muggin’

As in: “Why you mean muggin’ me?”

Which is what I wanted to ask this chick at the gym.  I was standing at my bag, chatting with another lady there about pole class when I could literally FEEL this chick punching me with her eyes.  Whatever if you don’t like pole dancing, get the hell out of my conversation!

Sidebar: I just watched the ‘Royal Pudding’ episode of South Park.  Please.  I worked the abs too hard today to be giggling this much.

Anywho, there was some music playing, something by Pitbull, and in my own little world, I was putting together a little Zumba-boxing combo (you heard it here first!) because you know Pitbull makes me wanna shake my ass.  It’s hard to coordinate punches (and really hit hard) with Zumba footwork.  And that’s what the lady on the other side of me found out.  I happened to glance her way to see her giving it a go and our eyes met.  I smiled; she mean mugged me.  Maaaaaaaan!  I can’t win.  But that’s why I hit the bag.

Halfway through the week and I’m still sticking to the plan.  Not so hard since yesterday was a day off but I did get to the gym today.  Tomorrow would have been a day to fly except the weather isn’t cooperating.  Off to the chiropractor instead!

37 to go!

Say What?