Wash ’em!

Here we are in week two of trying to be presentable for bikini week.  Last week went pretty well although the weather wreaked havoc on my trapeze time.  Looks like it’ll be more of the same this week, unfortunately.

Today was probably the best day I’ll have diet and exercise-wise.  If you’re looking for a nice healthy breakfast, I’m fairly certain that what I had this morning fits the bill.  And it was delicious.  Saute a little baby spinach and then add some egg whites.  Scramble them up and then add a diced Roma tomato and a slice of lowfat cheese.  Delish!  Rocked out a little Ab Ripper X this morning too.  Plus the gym.  Yeah!  Good day.  Except that my lower back is killing me.  Can’t win them all.

Speaking of the gym, it’s a boxing class that I go to.  I see lots of different footwear there from regular sneaks to bare feet.  I’m a regular sneaks kinda girl although I’m really considering using some of my Zumba shoes soon.  With this consideration mentioned, I’m very understanding of why some folks take the bare foot route.  If you’re really getting into it and pivoting with the hip and the body, then you need to have that no traction shoe.

Sidebar: Is Conan less funny without the beard?

At the end of class, we do abs.  Today, as I was taking great big breaths during ab work, a worthy of calling Jack Bauer terrorist attack was staged on my nose.  A guy to my left had THE MOST STANK ASS FEET I’ve ever smelled in my entire life.  Honestly, it was bad and then there was a second wave of it and I almost threw up.  If I had, I wouldn’t have known if it was due to the exercise or his feet.

I know that I was making faces and I’m pretty sure he saw me as when it was time to switch sides, he moved pretty damn quickly.  Dude, seriously? Wash your mofo feet!

Tomorrow I’m hoping to do more Ab Ripper, some yoga and some shoulder mount work.  Aim high, ya know?

Mean Muggin’

As in: “Why you mean muggin’ me?”

Which is what I wanted to ask this chick at the gym.  I was standing at my bag, chatting with another lady there about pole class when I could literally FEEL this chick punching me with her eyes.  Whatever if you don’t like pole dancing, get the hell out of my conversation!

Sidebar: I just watched the ‘Royal Pudding’ episode of South Park.  Please.  I worked the abs too hard today to be giggling this much.

Anywho, there was some music playing, something by Pitbull, and in my own little world, I was putting together a little Zumba-boxing combo (you heard it here first!) because you know Pitbull makes me wanna shake my ass.  It’s hard to coordinate punches (and really hit hard) with Zumba footwork.  And that’s what the lady on the other side of me found out.  I happened to glance her way to see her giving it a go and our eyes met.  I smiled; she mean mugged me.  Maaaaaaaan!  I can’t win.  But that’s why I hit the bag.

Halfway through the week and I’m still sticking to the plan.  Not so hard since yesterday was a day off but I did get to the gym today.  Tomorrow would have been a day to fly except the weather isn’t cooperating.  Off to the chiropractor instead!

37 to go!

Challenge accepted

I thought that I was going to try to do Insanity.  That is insane.  If I could find that motivation to do it, my body would probably revolt against me.  So, instead, I thought that I would do a couple of other things.  I laid them out nicely in a row.  Lovey asked how long I could stay at it and I, being me, took that as a challenge.  Well, sir, challenge accepted.

While this isn’t at an Insanity intensity level, I think it should still get everything in the right place for bikini week.  Looks like this:

  • Monday – boxing
  • Tuesday – rest. I know, day 2 rest is silly, but I need one.
  • Wednesday – boxing
  • Thursday – flying
  • Friday – Kenpo
  • Saturday – pole
  • Sunday – flying

Day 1.  I did it.  Ha!  I will beat this challenge!

Victory is mine!

Maybe you have this where you live, maybe you don’t.  What is this?  Why, it’s Peter Pan Honey Roast Peanut Butter.  It is so m-f-ing delicious.  It’s right behind bacon delicious.  I fell in love with this PB while living in Miami.

I somehow completely forgot that just because something is in a store in one place that it might not be in a store in another place.  I just thought that I could have my PB anywhere.  Sadly, I was mistaken.  Upon our arrival, needed to find a new grocery store, preferably one that carried our PB.  We tried out King Soopers (a Kroger affiliate), Safeway, a Super WalMart (otherwise known as the evil empire), and Super Target.  No one had my beloved.

Lovey and I even went as far as to go to the ConAgra website to see if we could find it anywhere and to our sheer surprise, there were no stores in Colorado carrying this peanut butter!  Devastation!!

Well, we chose Target as the grocery store of choice and about once a month on our receipt we’d get a “fill out this survey for the chance to win a gift card” website.  Free gift cards can’t be beat so every time I’d go fill out the survey.  At the end of the survey, there was always a free text section for comments.  Every time, I told them that I wanted my peanut butter.  Every.  Time.  For the last nine months.

Imagine my surprise when this past weekend we turned the corner into the peanut butter isle and…….Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty.




My long lost peanut butter found its way back to me!!  *does a happy dance*

Also, I am totally taking the credit for bringing this peanut butter delicacy to Colorado.

37.whoknows – Happy May

Hey, hey!  Remember me? Blog owner…blog neglecter?  Yep, well, I’m back.   For a hot minute anyway.

One might think, “Oh, she hasn’t posted lately, so she must be SO busy”, but one would be wrong. I mean, things are always hectic, that’s just the way life is, but I’ve been just procrastinating with the writing I suppose.  I’m my productivity’s worst enemy.  I need to change that.

Sometimes, I start writing and then I just get stuck.  That really sucks and is part of the reason why I stopped.  It’s like I just go brain dead in mid-sentence.  What?

Here’s what I should be working on:

  • Insanity – I have to be beach ready in 6 weeks
  • Flying – Before the end of the summer, I’d like to once again find the balls to throw my forward over (out of lines, of course)
  • Poling – Really gotta get this up more than once a week if I’m gonna make any progress.  Would love to take a class but money doesn’t grow on trees yet.
  • Flexibility – UGH. GRRR. And EFFF!  Probably the same 6 inches (probably 4 on the good side) away from that split.  Stupid hips!

Here’s what I am working on:

  • Crickets
  • Tumbleweeds

Yes, I need to get a move on.  I need to find my warrior path and my warrior focus (thank you, warrior cuz).