Challenge accepted

I thought that I was going to try to do Insanity.  That is insane.  If I could find that motivation to do it, my body would probably revolt against me.  So, instead, I thought that I would do a couple of other things.  I laid them out nicely in a row.  Lovey asked how long I could stay at it and I, being me, took that as a challenge.  Well, sir, challenge accepted.

While this isn’t at an Insanity intensity level, I think it should still get everything in the right place for bikini week.  Looks like this:

  • Monday – boxing
  • Tuesday – rest. I know, day 2 rest is silly, but I need one.
  • Wednesday – boxing
  • Thursday – flying
  • Friday – Kenpo
  • Saturday – pole
  • Sunday – flying

Day 1.  I did it.  Ha!  I will beat this challenge!

Say What?