Well, hello there. Sweet hat, I know.


So, as you may or may not know, I live in the, at times, arctic tundra of Colorado. Every now and then, it’s cold here. Like super cold. Like double digits below zero cold. Imagine my happiness when I ran across this little gem: Sweet hat site #TacticalFullFaceMask

I told you it was sweet. Not long ago, it was one of those double digit under zero days. I was going out to the mailbox so I threw this on along with my ski jacket. Crazy to think, but I felt the cold air on my arms and chest area with my jacket zipped up, but I felt literally NO AIR on my head or neck area. Bonus that there’s a piece there that I’m not showing that allows you to also cover pretty much from the nose down.

It’s super soft and comfy and I think it looks pretty neat too. Comments I’ve had on it so far include I look like a cute wookie or ewok, but my favorite was that I look like a badass sand warrior in Final Fantasy or some other show/movie I don’t watch. 🙂


Say What?