Wash ’em!

Here we are in week two of trying to be presentable for bikini week.  Last week went pretty well although the weather wreaked havoc on my trapeze time.  Looks like it’ll be more of the same this week, unfortunately.

Today was probably the best day I’ll have diet and exercise-wise.  If you’re looking for a nice healthy breakfast, I’m fairly certain that what I had this morning fits the bill.  And it was delicious.  Saute a little baby spinach and then add some egg whites.  Scramble them up and then add a diced Roma tomato and a slice of lowfat cheese.  Delish!  Rocked out a little Ab Ripper X this morning too.  Plus the gym.  Yeah!  Good day.  Except that my lower back is killing me.  Can’t win them all.

Speaking of the gym, it’s a boxing class that I go to.  I see lots of different footwear there from regular sneaks to bare feet.  I’m a regular sneaks kinda girl although I’m really considering using some of my Zumba shoes soon.  With this consideration mentioned, I’m very understanding of why some folks take the bare foot route.  If you’re really getting into it and pivoting with the hip and the body, then you need to have that no traction shoe.

Sidebar: Is Conan less funny without the beard?

At the end of class, we do abs.  Today, as I was taking great big breaths during ab work, a worthy of calling Jack Bauer terrorist attack was staged on my nose.  A guy to my left had THE MOST STANK ASS FEET I’ve ever smelled in my entire life.  Honestly, it was bad and then there was a second wave of it and I almost threw up.  If I had, I wouldn’t have known if it was due to the exercise or his feet.

I know that I was making faces and I’m pretty sure he saw me as when it was time to switch sides, he moved pretty damn quickly.  Dude, seriously? Wash your mofo feet!

Tomorrow I’m hoping to do more Ab Ripper, some yoga and some shoulder mount work.  Aim high, ya know?

Say What?