37.45 – MgCl

When it snows in the Burgh, there’s salt and ash.  Of course, it’s been a while since I’ve been there, so maybe there are new avenues now.  Stranger things have been known to happen.  Out here in Denver, they use a compound called magnesium chloride, mag chloride for short.  Last week, we had a mini snowstorm and as such, the plows were out in full force.  Much as it is in Pittsburgh, I’m sure, all the news talked about was the 3 stinking inches of snow that we got.  We got constant updates on how much snow had fallen, how much more might fall, and how CDOT (like PennDOT) was keeping up with keeping the roads clear.

As Lovey and I watched the news last week, the weatherman was on and, due to the repetitive nature of the news I was only half-listening, he informed us that the plows were out dropping mag chloride.  In my head, all of a sudden, the chubby white weatherman was in a Snoop Dogg video with some gold chains and the requisite ladies in bikinis telling me the weather.  He was spittin’ game like never before and he reached the pinnacle, I mean he reigned supreme, when he said that those damn trucks were out there droppin’ MAD CHLORIDE, man!

I should probably listen a little better.

I was complaining on my Facebook status that it was payday but all gone.  It is, but I had to put aside a little spending money for the next item for the “other”  living room.  Maybe another month and a half and it’ll be complete.  *evil, sly grin*

Well, I’ve got to go do some things.  I hope you all enjoy the remainder of your Saturday.  I know I will. 😀

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