37.42 – Time out. Time out! TIME OUT, DAMMIT!

Ha, yeah, I’m watching the replay of the Steelers game.  OMG I just threw up in my mouth.  They just showed across the bottom that NOW, they just found out that Tom “pretty boy” Brady played the entire 2010 season with a stress fracture in his shoulder.  Dude, seriously?  I could take the x-ray myself, develop the film, read the x-ray and see the fracture with my own eyes and I’m still calling BS and saying that you’re making excuses.  Ugh.  The.  Worst.  Ever.

Wait, I have to post this….

Okay, had to get that out there with that first part.  The rest is just me rambling as usual.  I was going to title this post “Sliding into home” because that’s almost what I did pulling into the driveway after work today since we got some more snow.  Standing out in the front, under the streetlight, just watching the snow fall was pretty damn fantastic.

Just thinking I should have DVR’ed this game so I could watch it again to get pumped up for the game on Sunday.

That’s all I’ve got today.  Wait, one more thing.

Dear NFL,

For the Super Bowl, please take each team’s local announcers to call the game.  Whichever team gets the ball first has their home commentators call the first half.  Other team, second half.



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