Holy wedding dresses!

Over the last couple of days, I’ve looked at 3,000 wedding dresses. That is not an exaggerated number. It’s really how many I’ve looked at online. In that time, I’ve come to realize that there’s a certain style that I’m leaning towards and possibly a designer. My main issue is finding something that I absoutely love that will look superb on me (hard to dress we, the short people) AND fits my personality.

I’m sure that I have plenty more searching still to do along with many tryings on and fittings and such in the fairly near future. I’d like to get some feedback though. If you know me (and you probably should if you’re reading this), and some will know me better than others, let me know which of these you think best fits my personality (insane) and body type (short but brick shithouse!).

Let’s just call them 1 through 7. Obviously, 5 and 6 have two views because I thought it important to show the back. πŸ™‚

Love you guys!

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