Wedding Blues

It’s been four years and six days since I turned in my playa stripes and a good time it has been. No matter how young I still look (that would be very…still get ID’ed to play the lottery sometimes), I know how old I am, and with this age comes the time to stop, um, hopping and stay in one place.

Lovey and I have been engaged for about a year and a half now. I guess for some people, the whole process has been a long time, but for others, it’s way too short. Can’t win ’em all (unless you’re the #Steelers – hopefully!)

Sidebar: How awesome would it be for them to have a perfect
season?!?! Who’s gonna talk smack then? Seven rings AND a perfect

Anywho, the original plan had us getting married in the summer of 2010..the year we make contact. Ha. Of course, I am woman, hear me change my mind because I’m not hearing your complaints. Part of it is due to the economy and part is that I just can’t make up my mind.
At various points throughout the process, I’ve said “Fuck it. Let’s just go to the JP.” You see, I’ve never been ‘that girl’. The big-princess-wedding-tw0-point-five-kids-white-picket-fence girl. I suppose it’s the result of growing up with mostly guys.
I am prepared. If I ever get this nailed down, I have my calligraphy set ready to go as I will do the invites by hand. I might even send them to people that I know won’t be able to show up just because they wouldn’t believe I was actually getting married otherwise. 🙂

I’ve toyed with the idea of having the wedding at a resort where I used to work in Florida. Dress code = togas. Wedding cake = baked alaska. Lactose intolerance be damned, I’m having baked alaska. Convenient for my family + his family. That idea sorta got chucked although it may get revived.

Another thought in the process is/was Vegas. Keep the togas, change the location. Keep it somewhat low-key (for Vegas, anyway). Airfare is a little bit of a pain though. And hotels. And the organizing. Yikes. Maybe not.

We vacationed in Key West just a few weeks back and almost got married there. This is what happens in KW. You go into a bar and order a drink, er bucket, the big burly biker dude (BBBD) and his new bride ask the bartender why he didn’t offer them this drink. He said that we came in and ordered it. (True. I looked it up on their website and knew that I had to participate in this train wreck.) Not to be one-upped by the short black chick and the Cuban dude, they ordered one as well. Then it became a contest to who could throw it down faster. When we were ahead, BBBD said something along the lines of, oh yeah, well we just got married. We countered with we’re engaged. BBBD responded with, yeah, but we’re married. The bucket almost talked me into going to get married right then and there as not to be one-upped, but I figured that my mom would be pretty pissed if I did it that way.

I believe that, in the end, I have to decide how important it is for people to be there (outside of our families). I don’t expect people to drop stuff and fly across the country (for some of them) to attend, but it would be pretty cool. I guess I should make this decision sooner rather than later as I hear that weddings take a while to plan. But when you have your own personal dressmaker (Hi, Mom!) and you have your dress pretty much picked out, I suppose all that’s really left is a time and a place.

What say you, dear reader? Resort wedding? Vegas? Take it to the JP and just have a big party afterwards? (no need for household items for gifts, we have enough, lol)

One thought on “Wedding Blues

  1. I've been married twice. One was traditional – white, hotel reception, by a river, loads of guests, second was a castle in Scotland, very few guests, all stayed over for the weekend. there is no right, its just right for you, right then.

    Plan it, do it, move on. Be happy. I hope . . X

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