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Hi there folks.  I'm missing ROCO Fridays and my Fridaylutions, I know.  Things have been a little hectic.  Nevertheless, I wanted to share yet another DHL nightmare with you.

Before we start, let is just be known that I've shipped my fair share of stuff using regular old mail, UPS, and FedEx, and I've never had a problem.  Now, previously I've noted that DHL SUCKS as you may or may not recall. 

Friday was okay.  They tried to deliver while I was at work.  No biggie.  They left a little sticky note on the door saying if I wanted to have the package left for me, to sign the note and leave it on the door.  Well, I knew I wouldn't be home and as much as I complain about where I live, I knew no one would come take the package.

Monday rolled around and Lovey came home to see the note still on the door at just about 5:10.  I checked the website to see what the status was.  Would you believe that they claim to have attempted delivery?  So, while they got the "recipient not home" part right (cuz Kiddo never hears the door) "delivery attempted" is a flat-out LIE.  If you had gotten out of your truck Mr. DHL driver, you would've seen and picked up your stupid sticky note and I wouldn't have had to call some poor guy at DHL to bite his head off.

As DHL does, they promised that it would go out for delivery today.  (I wonder what sort of shipping the sender paid for…)  And I saw that it was out for delivery which is all well and dandy.  Then I see that it's been delivered.  To 1210 SW 32nd Court.  Guess what?  That is not my address.


So more calls to DHL to see if they're stupid on a whole or if just the driver is stupid.  Turns out it's just the driver, but come on people!  The DHL legacy continues.



It seems as though they took my latest nastygram more seriously than any previous one.  Because I received not one, not two, but THREE phone calls to follow up about this issue and the third guy wanted to call me again after he spoke to the driver.  No thanks.  I don't want the guy getting fired.  Times are tough.  I just wanted them to be aware.

Oh yeah, AND they sent an email apologizing as well.  I suppose when you end your note with "GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER! It's no wonder this company is in the crapper."  They take it to heart.

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  1. I'm sorry. That is lame. We had the same-ish problem with UPS at Christmas. Kevin's mom shipped out present next day air. Because the driver didn't want to actually coming to the house he listed it as a business closed for the holiday. It took us 5 days to get our next day air package. I bit off a few heads.

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