More recently heard/seen in the office

Last time, this was seen/heard.  On to today's events.

A: (minding own business, working)

B: Ok, who knows how to use this fax machine?

A: I do, what seems to be the problem?

B: Well, I put my number in and nothing is happening.

A: (reaches across B and pushes the START button) There ya go.

B: This is so embarassing.

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10 responses to “More recently heard/seen in the office”

  1. Most people ask how to do things before they've even put forth the effort to figure it out for themselves. Jill's son does this, but he has the excuse of being thirteen and insane.

  2. My daughter does the same. I just call her 15 and lazy. I'm actually worried she'll end up being one of those females that needs someone to do everything for her. >.<
    Good thing she's cute.

  3. I had this experience when an applicant for film school. They put a bunch of us in a room to watch a portion of a film on video, and then write a short essay on it. The department secretary (clearly no Redzilla) tried like hell to get picture on the TV, fiddling again and again with the VCR settings. I put up my hand and suggested she turn the TV on. Bingo.
    I still muse to this day if this is why I was a successful applicant.

  4. Somehow, a lot of people miss the boat for common sense I guess.
    But a pox on the dept. secretary who cannot fix all things mechanical. 🙂 You know, like it's part of his/her job to be the mini IT dept.

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