5/30 – Here comes the sun

Not that this is my third year experiencing daylight savings time, but in my three years here, I always forget why I don't like it.  And now, I remember.  In the "summer", the sun isn't always all the way up on my way to work and it's at a decent height when I come home.  But in this, the "winter",

….a lovely day…..brought to you by Januvia….tell your doctor right away if it affects your breathing….a lovely daaaaayyy….

on the way in to work, the sun is right in my eyes no matter if I put my visor down or not and on the way home, it's the same.  It's because I'm too damn short for my visor to be effective, of course.  Damn genetics.

If I hear one more person say that they do not want gay folks to have the right to be married, I am going to vomit.  I cannot stand intolerance.  Including any politician, our President-elect is not exempt from my regurgitation.  DAMMIT!

Once again, I hate when medication in the form of capsules breaks somewhere in my throat and I burp dust.  Any idea how foul that is?

…..make the switch to Comcast Digital Voice……pay to get the NFL Network (when it's included with DirecTv)…..it's Combastardcastic……….

I do realize that I'm rambling here but I don't really have anything to say today.  In 30 straight days of posting, you really can expect at least three days of blathering idiot from me.  Maybe on Friday, I'll blog while I'm hopped up on pain killers and muscle relaxers.  That should be fun, no?

Oh, my phone rang and I didn't recognize the number so I didn't pick it up.  Oddly enough, whomever it was left a message.  In Spanish.  I had to take it to Lovey for translation.  He giggled like mad.  I figured it was a wrong number, but it was some lady asking if I wanted to make an appointment to get my hair cut on Friday or Saturday.  And to say hello to my husband and my family.  I was halfway tempted to call her back, but you know, I've got dreds so they don't get cut and Lovey shaves his head.  Kiddo has a lady she goes to, so poor Mirta gets no business.

……want to green your own power?  Try a solar backpack!…..planet green……

I think that you've had enough torture for today.  I don't want you to stop reading forever.  See you tomorrow.

The preceding program was brough to you by random commercials on TV while I was typing. 

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5 thoughts on “5/30 – Here comes the sun

  1. Yeah, that definitely sucked. And it sucks that these things get written in such a manner that confuses voters. And it sucks that people think that their beliefs should be laws that take away rights. OMG GRRRR!
    But, yay Obama. 🙂

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