Vox Hunt: Under 17 Not Admitted

Video: What was the first R-rated movie you saw (or were allowed to see)?
Submitted by Lisa.

Wow does this bring back a great memory.  Back in the day, we were fortunate enough to have a local drive-in.  The Super 71.  By far the best deal around.  Two movies for one price and the old guy at the gate did a head count for the car to decide how much to charge.  Short on cash?  Get in the trunk!


If you know me or have read some of my posts about my family, then this should come as no shock to you.  Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams was the first R movie that I can recall seeing.  My dad packed us (me, my brother, mom and dad) up into the car for an evening of entertainment.  Mind you, this was summer of 1981 which made me not quite 8 and my brother not quite 6.

Many of the subleties of the movie were lost on us.  I honestly couldn't remember the name of the movie just now, only one scene.  And thanks to a Google search of "cheech and chong" with "glass elevator" I found just what I was looking for.

I haven't seen this movie since then, but the drive-in version is different than the regular version, I'm almost sure.  I distinctly remember one of the two looking into the camera and telling the viewers to "Honk if you're horny".  I didn't know what that meant, but I knew my dad laid on the horn like there was no tomorrow.

As an end note, it's probably traumatic to allow your 6 and 8 year olds to see all that.  Not the drug use, we saw that at home, but the 90% naked Latino men.  Holy smokes!

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