7/22/08 – Tuesday things

Half turning it to the net:

  • Kiddo's home safe and sound with great stories and great memories
  • After a vacation, it takes at least a few weeks to once again become annoyed with work
  • I really only gained 2 pounds on vacation even though I ate like a pig.  Hello Key Lime Pie and all its different shapes and forms
  • Catching up with friends and talking about the good old days
  • Wedding plans (that I haven't even begun to make, lol)
  • Blue Diamond oven roasted almonds with sea salt.  Oh so delicious and nutricious
  • HAHAHA releasing the monster from within that was in vacation jail.  Begone you foul wench!
  • TWO, count em, TWO working bathrooms in the house.  No more running upstairs to pee!
  • Zumba!  I'm back on the ball.
  • iPhone.  Yeah, I said it.  Didn't think I'd dig it this much.  So many cool things on it and since I hardly ever use the phone, it's a really cool toy.

Landing it on my head:

  • Still haven't hit the lottery
  • Not interested in my biology class
  • 120 is apparently not a number my body is interested in
  • If mouth speed > brain speed, then MiamiShyner = sounds stupid when the circumference is greater than or equal to pi R squared plus a google minus ten

On the platform and listo:

  • Tomorrow marks three years for Lovey and I.  It'll also mark 2 more years until we move
  • Learning some espanol!

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