I could not let this day pass without making a mention that today is Lovey's birthday. 🙂

I got him a couple of small things and we're going to go out to dinner over the weekend.  He's a tough cookie to shop for!

I'm not always the best at remembering dates but his birthday is easy.  Long ago, my grandmother used to say that, while I missed her birthday month, I did get her day.  I got my grandfather's month.  Which I always thought was pretty cool.  And then along comes love who has my father's month and my mother's day.  Kinda nifty.

Being born today makes you a Pisces but almost an Aries, otherwise known as on the cusp.  They say that Pisces folk mix well with Cancers and Scorpios and Aries folks mix well with Leos and we Sagittarians.  Since he's so close to Aries, we'll call it good.

Happy birthday, feliz cumpleanos, joyeaux anniversaire and all that jazz to Lovey!

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  1. happy happy birthday to MS's lovey!!!and many, many more! WOOOOOOO!now i wonder, my fellow archeress pal… how is it we both got so close but no cigar in the astrological pairing department and are still deliriously happy? not that i'm complaining cause i love, love, love my fish baby… but one has to wonder, eh? *lol*

  2. Penzi's a Pisces too?!?! (Oh wait, I do recall the post. Duh.) That is just way too coincidental for words! I guess it isn't all in the stars after all. 🙂

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