Vox Hunt: Music + Memory

Audio: Share a song that evokes a powerful memory. 
Submitted by MalieKai.

We used to have these "parties" every weekend at a friend's house, going especially strong in the fall of '86.  They weren't huge parties, we were only 13 through about 16 at the time.  Well, that's the time when some of the friends became more than just friends.  For a while, everyone just traded each other off and while I was a witness to all of it, I was never a part of it.  I was always on the outside looking in.  It was strange that I was the youngest, yet always the most responsible one, making sure everything was kept in order and no one got out of line. 

This was probably the first time in my life that I realized that I was different than everyone else and that it could be the beginning of a long and lonely time in my life.  I sat in a room and listened to this song 23 times in a row, crying and completely inconsolable.  While everyone stopped by to see what was wrong, I never could bring myself to tell anyone and I suffered internally.  Probably quite the reason my view on relationships had been so skewed until recently.  Anyways, here it is.  Jon Bon Jovi and crew with the classic power rock ballad, Never Say Goodbye.


Update:  Let's not be sad. 

I didn't date in high school and I went to dances, but I never got asked to dance.  Yeah, sad, but I'm over it.  Because Lovey and I have the same corny taste in music, the next song became "our song".  One day it came on Sirius as we stood in the kitchen, and it was there that I had my first real dance.  I may have shed a tear.


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  1. OMG. this song would totally make me cry too! i remember 1986 pretty clearly, unfortunately, and it brings back some pretty bad memories for me. even listening now i'm a little sad…

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