QotD: It's A Small World

Tell us a true story that proves it really is a small world after all. 
Submitted by havybeaks.

I am small, rural, everyone knows everyone born and raised.  We thought we were huge.  We were the Mid-Mon Valley.  Belle Vernon, Charleroi, Monessen, Donora, and Monongahela made up this thriving metropolis of probably no more than 20 thousand combined.  It's the kind of small town where you go back 15 to 20 years later and the same people are doing the same things, hanging out in the same places.  That's why I don't go back.

I explored the world, or parts of it anyways.  I traveled for work and at one point ended up in Ixtapa, Mexico.  My job was to, among other things, make drinks, entertain, perform crazy circus acts, and talk to the guests.  One particular evening at dinner, I was chatting with some guests and getting the typical "where are you from" conversation out of the way.  Imagine my surprise to hear Charleroi come out of someone's mouth!  There I was, a hair over 2000 miles from home and I meet someone from practically around the corner.

There QotD, take that.

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