Gentlemen (term used loosely), why?

Perhaps it is because of where I live, perhaps not, as this is not the first occurrence of an incident such as the one I am about to describe.

Today at lunch, I had to take a little trip on foot to the post office.  I, unlike some, am a fairly conservative work dresser.  Today's outfit consists of a button up long-sleeved black shirt and beige dress pants.  Nothing tight, nothing sexy.  So why, random guy on the street, do you feel the need to leer at me, make noises at me, and talk to me?

Maybe it annoys me because these men are just never attractive, or at least not to me.  Am I only attractive enough to merit comments from sub-par men? (That is a RHETORICAL question, please don't answer it.  You won't be able to break me with rude comments.  I'm beautiful to me and at the very least pretty damn cute to others.)

I'm not a super-bitch when it happens.  I've learned that the Borg knew what they were talking about.  Resistance is futile.  If I don't respond, I'm definitely a bitch, but flash those pearly whites and it seems to soothe the savage beast.  I guess the point of this ramble is why do guys think that this is okay?  Seriously, if you're really interested, approach me like a grown human being capable of conversation.  Does a wedding ring scare you off?  If that's all it takes, I'll mention that to the love of my life.

Sorry, stream of consciousness going on today.

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