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    Park City Day Six – The Ring

    Today marked the triumphant return of Kiddo to the slopes!  We all did this cool Mountain Tour thing where you get to stay on the easy runs but you still get to see pretty much a majority of the mountain.  As per the norm, photos are posted at www.flickr.com/photos/miamishyner

    I made super-duper chili this morning at 8 and we left it in the crock pot all day.  For my first time making chili, it was damn delicious!  So after I finished up with the chili this morning, we all went out.  The wind and snow had picked up again but we hit it hard anyways.  Around two-thirty we decided to take a break and get some lunch.  We went to the Summit House (picture on Flickr).  It's a neat little place that's cafeteria-like but still with real plates and silverware.  We finished up and went back outside to strap up.

    Lovey was off to the side and called me over.  I was being stubborn because I wanted to get back on the mountain, but he was persistent so I went over.  He was floundering around like he needed help with something and told me to look in his front jacket pocket.  I didn't think twice about it as we had been digging in each others' pockets since we've been here.  I was surprised at what was in his pocket this time though. 

    Small, red box.  Yep, that's right!  I got engaged!  He's such a stinker.  He tricked me into thinking that he wasn't gonna do it (and I had actually gotten a bit upset about it), but it's all good.  The very first time we had spoken of getting married, I told him that I didn't want a regular ring.  I wanted something that would be different than everyone else's.  I actually showed him what I would like and that's exactly what he got me. :-)  It's late and I gotta go snuggle.  That third picture is the ring on my fat hand.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Till tomorrow…



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    Park City Day Five (I think)

    Today was the day to chillax.  Therefore there's not much to say about today.  We just hung out and caught an afternoon lunch.  By the way, if you're ever in the area, you must have a Devastator.  Seriously, how could you NOT order a beer called the Devastator?  It's really good.  Kinda like an Amber Bock but better.  Two beers = almost drunk and the arrival of Chatty Cathy.


    Also, I tried a self-portrait.  I've never really thought of my self as "pretty"; I think I'm "different" and that's cool.  So here's my eskimo photo ( it's like you can't even tell that I have lipstick on):



    We're having some rocking Mexican food tonight, everyone's got smiles, the Beastie Boys are online and we're having a damn good time.  Peace, love and hairgrease, ya'll!

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    Park City Day Four – Hooray, a clear day!

    Good news, no concussion for Kiddo, just a nasty case of the flu.  A full day of rest for her and some SEVERE Tylenol Cold and hopefully tomorrow she'll be up and at 'em again.

    I had a horrendous night for sleeping.  I woke up at about 1:30 am with a headache that made me want to rip my head off.  At first, I thought that I was dehydrated so I got up and had a glass and a half of water and tried to relax myself enough to get back to sleep.  After about 20 minutes, I laid back down and fell asleep.  But not for long.  4:30 rolled around and I was awake again.  Seriously, I thought my head was gonna come OFF.  Seeing as how I didn't want to wake Lovey, I went down to the kitchen to get even MORE water.  Somewhere after about another glass and a half, I touched my face and realized that it wasn't a dehydration headache, but a sinus one instead. 

    Do you know how long it takes for the hot water to get to the faucet when I don't know where the hot water heater is and it's all of 4 degrees outside?  Longer than I wanted to wait, that's for sure.  When it finally got there, I managed to get a hot washcloth on my face to try to tame my out of control sinuses.

    Sidebar: I couldn't find my sinus meds so I took the last of the Tylenol Go-Tabs.  If you've had this, you know.  If you haven't, please be warned that it is one of THE most disgusting things I've ever tasted in my entire life.  Gross, gross, gross!

    I managed to get a couple more hours in before we went out to the grocery store and to the Sports Authority.  Woot!!  I got new snowboard boots!  My old ones, circa 2002, were really killing my feet and my mom had just given me a couple bucks so I splurged.  And get this, brand new K2s and I got them for $94!!  On top of all that, they're so super comfortable.  It's like sex on my feet!  Added bonus, it gives me way more control on my board and I feel like I might go crazy and ride a blue!

    Anywho, I'm beat.  There are new pics up at http://www.flickr.com/photos/miamishyner.  I'll leave you with this:


    Until tomorrow…

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    Park City Day Three – Injuries

    Yeah, it was bound to happen.  Don't worry, it isn't anything MAJOR major.  We (and I mean everyone else in the party) had the typical bumps and bruises like sore bums and sore wrists from fall-breaking, although they'd been warned not to do that.  Lovey has a minor knee twist but the overall worst is Kiddo.  During her snowboard lesson yesterday, she took a spill and hit her head.  Fortunately, she was wearing a helmet.

    This morning she woke up and was complaining of a rather nasty headache.  I couldn't decide if I should chalk it up to altitude sickness as she's really dehydrated and refuses to drink water, or if it was because she hit her head.  So I gave her two aspirin, and my bad, she hadn't yet eaten breakfast, so right back that all came.  I got her somewhat rehydrated but she was in no condition to do much of anything.  She just wanted to sleep, and bad mother that I am, I let her.

    I went to the grocery store and got her some Pedialyte for rehydration and some Crystal Light iced tea so she would actually drink the water.  She managed to keep one piece of toast down but just wanted to sleep more.  She wanted to sleep more but I told her that she had to stay up for a while.  During that while, I called the local clinic and described the situation.  They said that it sounded like she has a mild concussion but to just keep her hydrated in case it was the start of something else, like a stomach bug or something.  They said it was okay for her to go back to sleep but to check on her in a few hours.  If her head still hurts tomorrow, it's off to the clinic in person for a little checkup.

    I know that it's not too bad because she hit her head in the same place that I hit mine and in the same manner a few years back except I wasn't wearing a helmet.  She's exhibiting the same symptoms that I had, although I never lost my cookies.  I'm sure that she'll be fine come tomorrow.  I'll really have to watch her because she's super excited to be here and wants to get back out on the mountain ASAP, but I'll have to make sure she didn't scramble her eggs first.

    We haven't gotten many pictures because it's been snowing SO FREAKING hard!!  I did take a couple outside of the condo and tried to stitch some together from the base of the mountain and made them my banner.  And then there's a picture of me and Lovey although I am not visible.  Man, it's cold up here!




    More action tomorrow!

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    Park City – Day Two (aka TSA sucks)

    Umm, this is probably TMI but it's painfully true.

    Another early morning for us in getting up, eating and getting ready for our lessons.  Some super put-off unpacking revealed that the TSA removed an item from one piece of my luggage.  Those motherfuckers stole my brand new glass dildo.  I didn't even get to use the freaking thing yet!  So, of course I penned them a nasty-gram that wasn't nearly as nasty as it could have been but I'm just too tired (awesome snowboard lessons!) to be any meaner.

    On the morning of Friday, January 4, 2008, I checked several pieces of luggage at Fort Lauderdale airport.  I flew from FLL to DEN to SLC (luggage tag blah blah blah). 

    Upon arrival at our destination, I unpacked my luggage and was disappointed to find that an item had been removed from my luggage.  Please be aware that in this same suitcase was a grooming kit containing sharp objects, along with many other items that I may have understood had they been removed. 

    Unfortunately, the only reason that I can come up with for the item being removed is the TSA agent who checked my bag has some sort of moral issue.  I know that this suitcase was checked as it had an orange TSA checked sticker.

    The item in question was a glass dildo.  Being completely smooth, not a sharp edge to be seen, and encased in a red velvet bag, it would seem to me that the purpose of said item was obvious, and in my eyes, there was no reason to remove this object.  I consider this to be theft.  I am very disappointed in the removal of my personal property and would like, at least, an apology, if not reimbursement for the item in question.

    Please feel free to contact me at this email address with your response.



    Now I hate the airport even more and I'm out $30 and we lost a really fun toy.  Damn you Fort Lauderdale TSA!!

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