Park City Day One

Whew!  What a trip!  Last night we left work early to pick Kiddo up from the airport then checked into the hotel.  A quick dinner at TGI Friday's and then off to bed because we had to get up at 4(!) am to get on over to the airport.  Fortunately, we were about five minutes ahead of the rush and got checked in easily.  Our plane took off without a hitch and up in the air we were for about 4 hours, going from Fort Lauderdale to Denver.  On time arrival meant we could check out DIA for a second, grab some food, and get back on the plane to Salt Lake City.

Unfortunately, the two gentlemen in front of us chose today not to shower or use deodorant or anything.  Complete yuck.  Every once in a while their "aroma" would drift back and slap us all in the face.  Fortunately, this flight was less than 90 minutes.

All of the luggage arrived thankfully and with one quick phone call our chariot arrived to bring us to our home for the next week.  (Hahahaha, I just realized that it's already after 11 at home.)  It's really pretty here.  We have our own personal jacuzzi.  We scooped up a 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo within walking distance to the slopes.

I didn't want to clog everything up here, so today's photos are here:

I'll keep you all posted on all the happs.  Tomorrow I learn to shred a little better.  Peace out ya'll!

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~ The Final Countdown ~

Somewhere on this blog is a widget that shows the countdown to Park City, probably lower left.  Tomorrow we leave.


I'm going to try to be a good blogger and take lots of pictures and have lots of descriptions in case any of you decide you want to check out PC one of these days.


By this time tomorrow, we should be almost to Denver and by this time on Saturday, we'll be scarfing down breakfast in order to get to our lessons on time.

I'm not as excited as Kiddo (it's only her second time snowboarding) or Lovey (it'll be his first time to see real snow falling from the sky), but I think I'll pick it up a notch once we're actually over there.

So, we're all packed and ready to go, minus repacking Kiddo's clothes from her 'going to Gramma's' suitcase to her 'going on vacation' suitcase.  During our drive up to Jacksonville, she graciously asked to stay in Jacksonville longer than Lovey and I were capable of staying and my mom was happy to have her for longer.  Kiddo doesn't even see the house before we leave.  She lands today at 6:40pm and we pick her up and go straight to the hotel that's by the airport since our flight is at the unholy hour of 7am tomorrow.  (I don't know why I complain since that's the time I typically leave the house for work.)  Lovey and I had a very quiet week.  It was nice.

So there you have it.  Today 40 degrees in Miami, tomorrow 30 degrees in Park City.  Funny.  Let's move the needle forward!

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Who's been to Park City, Utah?

Okay Vox world, I am asking for your help.  In a mere 17 days, we'll be headed out to UT for a week of shredding (hopefully only snow and not knees).  So what I need to know is if you've been to PC, is there a spot that's a must see or something that is a must do while there?  We're a crazy bunch so all suggestions are welcome.  Thanks!!

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