Another Home

Dammit. Yesterday, I looked at the writing prompt. I went and picked out this video. Then I forgot to write the post. Typical me.

Anyway, the prompt was where would you want to live that you’ve never visited, and for me, that’s super easy to say Japan. There are two places outside of the US that I would want to live and those are Mexico and Japan. Since I’ve already been to Mexico multiple times, Japan gets the go ahead for this post. (Living in Mexico is actually in my long term goals.)

I’m not even entirely sure why I feel a draw to Japan. I love to read stories of the samurai, I definitely want to see the cherry blossoms, and their customs are simple and gorgeous. When we had the opportunity to make a trip to the Morikami museum, I simply felt at home. Photos here:

I would like to write more intelligently about this subject, but at the moment, I have to push out another post for today and I’m a few deep in the Bonefish Grill bar, soooooo…….

Say What?