A Quick Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl. The girl met a boy. The girl and the boy liked each other so they started to date. As things progressed, sometimes, the girl would stay over with the boy. Whether you are a believer or a denier, gas collects in the intestinal track of girls and it must be released in some manner.

Well, like most girls, this girl did not want to fart in front of the boy since they weren’t, you know, married or anything. It just so happened that the boy had to go to work much earlier than the girl on a daily basis. The girl would typically wake up long enough to say goodbye and then go back to sleep for a little while.

One morning, the girl woke up to find the boy was not in the bed. Mistakenly, the girl did not look around the room. Instead, no, she didn’t fart, she totally busted ass. Like pushed one out. Like butt cheeks flapping. Much to the girl’s chagrin, the sound she immediately heard after her own sigh of relief was not silence, but the boy.

“Nice one.”

Girls fart too. End of story.

Say What?