When A Memory Strikes

I was just watching the news and it reminded me of this story.

When I lived in NY, one of the jobs I had was restaurant manager. Houlihan’s. And either you know that place, or ya don’t. I feel like it might have been a more northeastern thing….hold please….no, it isn’t. I had to go look. At any rate, I was a manager there.

As just about everywhere you get a paycheck these days, we had meetings. Whole team meetings, manager meetings, food tasting meetings (right, I wasn’t complaining about these ones…the Reuben back in the day was fantastic.), meeting this, meeting tat. Well, one day, we were having a manager meeting. Or, I should say that they were having a manager meeting because I forgot about it.

Now, I didn’t completely forget about it like, five hours later, “Oh shit! I had a meeting today!”, but instead I remembered about 20 minutes into the meeting. Being the responsible young lady that I was, *insert maniacal laughter here* I called over to the restaurant

I just went down the rabbit hole on Houlihan’s. Saw that one of the two restaurants I worked at in NY is still open (but not the one in this story). Which then took me down a whole different road of memories and then I looked at the menu and was so happy to see some of the items I loved were still on the menu (and marked as “Classics”, lol). Some of the drinks even survived and that’s pretty amazing after two decades, but I digress.

to apologize for my lateness and to see if I should come in (it was my day off, and yes, they still expected you to come to a manager meeting on your day off). To my surprise, a fellow manager answered the phone, which was odd since we should have been having a meeting. I explained that I had forgotten about the meeting and apologized and asked if I should head in. The reply? Oh, no. We’re not even open right now. A lady lost control of her car and it came into the window, so you don’t need to come in.

I guess something just temporarily erased that reminder to go to work that day, cuz sure as shit that woulda messed me up for life.

Say What?