You Ran Out Of Words

Someone please get me one of these outfits. I guess the jacket is all I need, well, maybe some huge ass gold earrings and a necklace too. Ok, so I need 3 jackets, lots of bling, and 2 people who want to recreate this video with me. I’m laughing hysterically at my own ridiculous ideas. Let me know if you wanna make that happen.

Yesterday I weighed myself at the gym. Big mistake. The scale lies. But I’m gonna see what it says after I lop about 5 inches off of my hair because this stuff is out of control at this point. Some of it is reaching my butt and that’s just too long. I think I’m going to bring it up to about 3 inches below my shoulders. That could be 5 pounds. Probably closer to 3, but too much nevertheless. For now, I’m going with I’m just muscular and that’s why I weigh the most I ever have in my entire life including pregnancy. Sheesh, scale. See why I don’t like you?!?!

It’s a mid-week break. Today I get to come home right after work and simply relax. No workshop like Monday, no Zumba like Tuesday, no work outing like Thursday, and no chiropractor like Friday. I don’t know how I accidentally strung together such a busy week, but I certainly will try not to do it again. Somehow, even with all these things going on, the week still drags. Because….

The more I get paid, the more I appreciate time off. Why? Because these mofos are driving me damn near insane, and we all know that was a short drive in the first frigging place. I love my job. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Shorty today. I was struggling to get this much. Perhaps after today’s decompression, I can come back fresh tomorrow morning with something that will make you laugh or smile or just wanna open up the damn link and read. See ya then.

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