Balance It Out

At this very moment, if I could have anything my heart desired, it would be a never expiring prescription for Flexeril. It’s a muscle relaxant. Why would I want this? Oh, you know, to relax my poor, poor shoulders. Perhaps you recall about three weeks ago when I pretty much ate sh!t on my board. Yeah, ouch. Well, today, I evened it out and fell on the other side. While I didn’t hit the bone on this one, I managed to smack my head off the ground yet again, and this time, along with my pins and needles down the arm, I also got the awesome feeling that I had just dipped my arm in an almost hot bucket of water. Hooray! Craziest part is that the newly hurt side doesn’t hurt, but the previously hurt side hurts more – it had been healing.

As always, it wasn’t all bad. I managed to get down the rest of the jumps for the rest of the day without falling and I actually caught a little air. Baby steps, people, baby steps. AND, most fun ever, I tried out the mini-slalom course today. I’ve been watching that on the Olympics and thought to myself that I should try it. It’s like carving but on uppers. And in deep grooves later in the day. It is super fun.  So now just riding down the hill isn’t enough. I must twist and turn and jump. Woot.

Speaking of twisting and turning, this shoulder “injury” is gonna present oh so much fun tomorrow when I’m trying to spin around by one arm.

This was a long post for a Sunday AND it had a song. Win.

Say What?